Monday, August 11, 2008

Speedos and Fashion Victims...

...watching Michael Phelps set another world record and thinking "man, not only is that guy ripped, but he can pull off a speedo like its everybody's business," if you know what I mean.

Brian sitting next to me is bewildered at my ability to turn an Olympic sport into some kind of fantasy....but apparently he is willing to roll with it as he just grabbed his keys to make a run to Dick's Sporting Goods.

On that note, back to reality, Jack fell victim to a fashion crisis tonight. Have I not explained the rule of stripes to him yet? (and yes he is rolling old school with the yellow plastic California Raisens lunch was Brians)

Other than that I really have nothing major to post, some random rants come to mind like I forgot to pay that stupid "parking ticket" (more than 12 inches from the curb) and now I get to add $5 to the damn cost AND to boot as I was driving home I noticed a chip in my windshield, the windshield I just replaced 2 months ago. Argh!!!!!

Before I sign off as I hear Brian returning from the store, a couple more pics of the uber cutie pie from this weekend...

Auntie Jen, I said no more pictures!

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