Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Welcome Back Kids!! (*cue "Crazy Train")

Time to get this ol' girl up and running...not only because life has been so ridiculously entertaining lately (more like hell on wheels) but because I'm not sure Facebook can handle this much insanity...who am I kidding, I just wanted an excuse to fire up the blog.

I am still in the midst of "Tech Gate 2016" and contemplating throwing the damn iPad away & writing a scathing letter to the school about how this technological resource has increased my wine & anxiety medicine intake, but I am having far too much fun playing "guess what your dream job is" with the Apple Support folks to quit yet. 

In other case you thought our little fur angel had turned a new leaf and is behaving like a well-mannered puppy...well as my good friend Donny say's "YOU'RE WRONG!"

  Image result for Alec Baldwin Donald Trump snl

This week's death toll (as in the last SEVEN days) includes the following:

  • Dog Bed #3 (they were freaking Sertas too! Plastic tray livin' for her now!)
  • Stuffed Hedgehog (to be fair it was her toy, but it lasted about 5 mins...nah more like 2)
  • Bed Skirt (why I have no idea, I can only imagine there was a delicious dirty sock hidden behind it) 
  • Library Book #4 (Gadient's: Official Supplier of Library Books since 2016)
  • Spiky Ball from crane machine (actually she did us a favor with that one...seriously kids how MANY do you need???!!)
  • Bracelet (jerk...I just bought that!)
  • Package of "squares" (Jack's name for pantyliners...still laughing at that one..."Hey Mom - Samantha got into your squares and they are all over your room")
  • Insurance card (like the damn thing does any good anyways)
  • Box of clarinet reeds
I swear...this dog...her cuteness is her ONLY saving grace...and before you EVEN think about saying "My puppy never did that..." you are either wrong, lying or delusional.

Let's all say a little prayer shall we, that the password god's will bless with me something, anything...AND that Samantha takes a leave of absence from her destructive's really starting to get expensive & I'm not talking about the stuff she wine consumption is on a bender.

Until next time,