Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where to Begin?

Wow...I have really been quite the slacker lately...funny how not a day goes by that I don't think about posting something...anything really. So...I am going to start "small" and attempt to build from here...cause even though it seems like I have given up on the world of blogging...I haven't. It's more like the pendulum of time has thrown me completely off and I am fighting like hell to get back up.

I used to think my life, our life, was crazy busy...I couldn't have been more wrong, life as we know it now is UNFREAKINBELIVIBLY CRAZY.

Don't get me wrong our life is good, real good as I have said before, but the balance...that thing that I strive to find EVERY SINGLE DAY is a little off...nope make that completely off it's axis.

The boys both started school this year, Ross venturing off into Kindergarten & Jack starting his first year of Preschool. The good news here is that they LOVE it, seriously love themselves some school. Which is comforting and of course a little sad knowing that they truly are growing up and doing things without Mom & Dad's help and I of course have been playing over and over in my head "how did the last 5 1/2 years fly by so quickly?" Take a peek for yourself...

The Big Boy...
The Little Boy

My Boys...
So school has been a great thing, Ross loves his teacher and she is great despite the fact that I think she was born when I graduated from HS...ok, not really but either she is aging amazingly or...I am getting...gasp...older? Jack of course fell in love with his teacher from the get go because he actually has Ross's first Preschool teacher...Ms Mary. Let it be known that I warned Ms Mary that Jack is not Ross...not just the "he's the little brother...blah...blah" more the "he is much more 'spirited' than Ross"...which really equates to...he's a wild man, what is your liquor preference? However despite our fears that Jack would terrorize Ms Mary and wish she had retired sooner, he has done fabulous and is well behaved and BONUS has not peed his pants in school. We had little doubt that Ross would adjust to Kindergarten superbly, but of course being the shy, perfectionist, old soul that he is it can take awhile for him to get "comfortable" in new surroundings. But again, he has done wonderful and lovin' every minute...well with the exception of us asking him everyday "what did you do at school" which is usually answered with "I don't remember...I played." Huh...interesting.
So let's see we've got school, then we started swimming and soccer. Phew! Throw in the Mr having back issues which ultimately landed him with a diagnosis of a herniated disc...well that's when things really started cooking around here (although softball was no longer a scheduling issue as bad back=no softball for the rest of the year...woo hoo).
Then shortly after the start of our marathon fall my work got busy...nope busy doesn't do it justice...INSANE...the kind of insane non stop work that ultimately wore me down and had my heart beating so fast that my chest started to tighten, breathing became difficult, and a momentary nervous breakdown ensued. Which oddly enough I take meds to curb anxiety (I know, surprise!) , so you know it's bad when even the "happy pills" can't fend these feelings off.

The "busyness" is great for business, we are now half way back to where we were a year ago, which probably sounds meager at that, but trust me when I say we have made leaps and bounds. But with this has come ridiculous work hours, day, night, weekend it doesn't matter. I am at the mercy of "The Client" and I hate that. They essentially own my ass and I have no choice but to grin and bear it till it's all over. I am however doing my best to avoid the "flight mode" and am now preparing myself to "fight" knowing that if I focus on just getting the job done, that one day (god willing by December) it will be over...or at least slower.

I have cancelled both work trips and personal trips because of the work load (2 vacations to be exact). Thank god the Mr is incredibly understanding (yes I know, as a person he is much better than I...nothing new there) and is more than accommodating with my job. Good news for him is that mid-October we will be in NYC together, kid free, just he and I...and well the rest is for us to know and you to not. :)

The positive side is I have only had a couple overnight trips one being tomorrow (and no I am not packed or ready to go whatsoever and it's 11PM...) which has kept me home more, but with the amount of hours I am working I might has well be in another state. The one thing I can say is that I am perfecting the "quality" of time with my family versus the "quantity" and am consistently trying to balance that damn pendulum one day at a time (Grandma if you are reading this...if you lived with us life would be much more even keel...I'm just sayin).

So again as I have signed off before, I will attempt to keep this little life journal of mine up to date and a little more light hearted, cause I am not much of a fan of drama mama as I am of Vino mama...until next time.