Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Welcome Back Kids!! (*cue "Crazy Train")

Time to get this ol' girl up and running...not only because life has been so ridiculously entertaining lately (more like hell on wheels) but because I'm not sure Facebook can handle this much insanity...who am I kidding, I just wanted an excuse to fire up the blog.

I am still in the midst of "Tech Gate 2016" and contemplating throwing the damn iPad away & writing a scathing letter to the school about how this technological resource has increased my wine & anxiety medicine intake, but I am having far too much fun playing "guess what your dream job is" with the Apple Support folks to quit yet. 

In other case you thought our little fur angel had turned a new leaf and is behaving like a well-mannered puppy...well as my good friend Donny say's "YOU'RE WRONG!"

  Image result for Alec Baldwin Donald Trump snl

This week's death toll (as in the last SEVEN days) includes the following:

  • Dog Bed #3 (they were freaking Sertas too! Plastic tray livin' for her now!)
  • Stuffed Hedgehog (to be fair it was her toy, but it lasted about 5 mins...nah more like 2)
  • Bed Skirt (why I have no idea, I can only imagine there was a delicious dirty sock hidden behind it) 
  • Library Book #4 (Gadient's: Official Supplier of Library Books since 2016)
  • Spiky Ball from crane machine (actually she did us a favor with that one...seriously kids how MANY do you need???!!)
  • Bracelet (jerk...I just bought that!)
  • Package of "squares" (Jack's name for pantyliners...still laughing at that one..."Hey Mom - Samantha got into your squares and they are all over your room")
  • Insurance card (like the damn thing does any good anyways)
  • Box of clarinet reeds
I swear...this dog...her cuteness is her ONLY saving grace...and before you EVEN think about saying "My puppy never did that..." you are either wrong, lying or delusional.

Let's all say a little prayer shall we, that the password god's will bless with me something, anything...AND that Samantha takes a leave of absence from her destructive's really starting to get expensive & I'm not talking about the stuff she wine consumption is on a bender.

Until next time,

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

People Still Look??? Yes they do Virginia!

"Hey, hey, hey...Just think while you been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the world, You could have been getting down to this sick beat"...I mean blog! HOLY CATS...2015?

You say it's been since 2013 when I last laid eyes on this precious diatribe that I call my blog? And the best part is people are still looking??? Well without further adieu my fine followers lets get back to business!

Let's recap a little since, work, kids, sports, travel, life, position eliminated, eating bon bons, classes, look for job, pine for vacation.

I think that is it! In reality WAY TOO MUCH to even try and sum up and it's in the past so who cares! The good stuff is in the now what pray tell am I up to if not causing a ruckus at the airport & tussling with ascot wearing ticket agents? Well currently I am staring out my "office" window drinking coffee, catching up on all things non essential on the interwebs (thanks for coining that phrase Dad, I still love it).

To be completely honest this ol' girl might be nursing a slight headache this morning as the Man and I went to a wine & dessert pairing event last night put on by this fantastic company called Amusee Wine. It was soooo damn good! But GAH the headache... Anyways it was fun & delish and gave me a chance to network a bit (ok drink wine & answer questions like "what do you do?" where I respond "currently a free agent with a penchant for vino, hire me?"). But truly it was great & since the Man is somewhat girly and can't handle the bubbly I drank his (ummm...hello I am an athletic supporter I will always have your back if you can't handle the vino). My Daddy-O was the babysitter extraordinaire last night since my Mom and all of the ladies in my family are in Mexico. Because of my current level of jealousy that I am not there as well, I only hope that they wake up with a "Jose Cuervo you are not a friend of mine" hangover & feel slightly worse than me. :) But I digress...I told said sitter (Daddy-O) that we wouldn't be too late, well....I tried to call several times to let him know that per my usual routine we needed a little bite to eat after all the boozin & desserts. He didn't answer (per his usual routine) so when we finally made it to our house our sitter was snoozing on the couch & I offered a peace offering of the most delicious balsamic glazed strawberry tart. No idea if it worked as he bee lined it out of the house to get back home. Some sitters are so fickle, apparently paying in food isn't what it used to be...oh yeah and being on time is what they prefer. Who knew?

Alright that's it, I am alive & well (I mean if you don't count the headache). And looking forward to spewing more nonsense until I get back to reality. Which BTW I am actually looking forward to...this stay at home Mom gig IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK...people demand clean clothes, food cooked, clean homes, etc...WITH NO COMPENSATION. Sorry hugs don't quite cut it. My utmost admiration to the "Stay At Home Parents" you rock (also can you come do my laundry??? No? Fine.).

Until Next Time,


Thursday, June 27, 2013

I know, right?!

It's been 1 year, 3 months and 13 days since my last post...and I can't believe they didn't shut this blog down...I know, right?!

So what brings me back? Well I've been thinking that the web has been missing some nonsense of the Vino Mommy kind and my brain is filled with shit to purge so here I am.

So much has changed and I just assume the only people who read this dribble are either family or friends so no need to rehash the last year or so...if you didn't catch it live time your SOL. I do find it somewhat humorous (and frankly sweet?) to see that there are a select few people who actually check on this blog so part of me feels a little ashamed that I have been so lame. Thanks for sticking with me...this whole blog thing sort of ebbs and flows depending on life.

I am currently traveling for work, so for those who don't know me this part of my life hasn't changed. Currently I am trapped in my hotel room in Rockville, MD. Obama didn't extend an invite while I am here but it's probably for the better, I'd likely have to tell him how voting for him ONE time has ruined my credibility with my family for life. It wouldn't be pretty...

This week has been a bit rough as I've spent about 12 hours with my kids since last Wednesday and frankly last night did me in. As I listened to the kids plead with me over the phone to not leave anymore and ask me for the millionth time why I have to work in another state I was literally choking back the tears. I don't think I have ever had to pull the phone away while talking to my children to compose myself but last night was a tipping point. I know that soon enough I will be home and life will resume it's usual chaotic, comforting normalcy...but this week *gah* I am struggling to focus on where and what I should be doing.

It probably doesn't help that I have vacillated between 3 times zones in the last week and my body alone is a hot mess not too mention my mental state. I've said it before I really do like what I do for the most part (hey everyone has bad days), well I would hope so as I just celebrated my 17th Anniversary with the company this week (yes I did start working when I was 10), but there is always a part of me that takes a beating when I travel. Like am I being selfish for wanting a career which in turn takes me away from my family? But then again my family needs to eat, have a place to stay, etc...but do we necessarily need vacations, new cars, and wine? Probably not, but I am certain I can NOT give up the wine perk. Hey, just being honest here. I question my career path and wonder if it is at the expense of my family? You may be thinking this is all very dramatic and we want funny Vino Mommy back, but again it's been a year of pent up thoughts. :)  I know, we could do with less and in turn I could make less, but feel like I am there as much as I possibly can and willing to dwindle my PTO balance to ensure that I can still chaperon field trips and help at class parties and snuggle with sick kiddos so that they know they always come before my work.

The other issue I grapple with when I gone is feeling so out of touch with those I care about the most, again my husband, my kids, my parents, my best friend, etc... Almost like a fight or flight kind of mentality...I want to talk to them, but probably have nothing to say, things are just status quo. I am traveling, they are home doing their routine and that's pretty much it. It's times like these where I wonder what it would be like if we lived far away from everyone, do people work harder at relationships if your not a quick car ride away? At this point I am not willing to test those waters...I'll stay focused on figuring out from closer proximity.

Maybe it was attending my Great Uncle's funeral this week that has me so prophetic about life and how it should be...he was young, 58 actually, he and my Dad were only 3 years apart (don't even get me started on what a mess I would be if I lost my Dad right now, shit just isn't right) as someone described him he was "an over the top biker dude"...but my point is that as tragic as his death was, his funeral was probably one of the most positive, uplifting services I have ever been to. Of course there was no shortage of tears, but I truly believe he left this world with no regrets. I am not saying the man was perfect by any means, but he really chose to live his life positively regardless of circumstance and honestly that is not an easy feat as most of us know. I really want to be that kind of person that embraces life, good or bad and can honestly say "ok, no matter what, I am going to make the most out of this and keep moving forward with a smile on my face". Always easier said than done, but I can not remember a time this man did not show up to any event (good or bad) with a smile and a positive attitude, not to mention a genuine interest in how you were doing. I am determined to find a way to embrace this way of living even if it takes a constant reminder to do so.

*Quick update, my computer crashed (new laptop I might add, make note call IT and ask what kind of crap they sent me) as I was typing this...but no need to worry the world of blogs is so intuitive it saved all of this dribble. I did question if this was a sign that what I wrote so far was not meant for the web, but alas the blog won out. Lucky you!*

Last but not least during the computer malfunction my best girl and I had a little chat and it amazes me how sometimes a phone call can change the way you feel. It's funny how people can miss each other so much that it almost makes them irritated with one another, does that even make sense? I feel like she and work that way, that we have this spectrum where if we go to long without a meaningful conversation via phone or in person we actually get irritable. Good thing we love each other so much that we can recognize our mental imperfections. Love you S! :)

So with that it is good to be back and I PROMISE to write something witty, clever, crass and all out Vino Mommyish next time (you thought I was going to promise to post more often, haven't you people been promised that enough?!!), but appreciate you sticking with me tonight for my therapy session. Oddly enough the blog is a fantastically free form of therapy, suck on that Dr Phil.

Until next time...


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

She works hard for the money...until she misses her plane...


If you work for an airline, especially as a ticket agent, don't read...even if you don't and feel like telling me I am wrong, go find another blog. I don't want your opinion, my blog, my story.


Yep, it happened...not the first time...nor the last I am sure. Seriously, I work until the absolute last minute when I am traveling and then rush from DC area to the Baltimore airport, gas up & get rid of the mental rental, check in (at the airport mind you) and have said boarding pass in hand...and then...................wait.........................and.....................WAIT.

Yep, I waited until another ticket agent came over to put the luggage tag on my bag and guess what?

"I'm sorry Ms Gadient we can't check your bag as it is beyond the cutoff, we'll need to book you on the next flight." SHIT

Look at watch...I'm sorry...I missed it by maybe 4 minutes you say? Should I remind you I have been standing here for at least 5 or more minutes watching dipshit type on his computer, probably ordering another ascot for his costume, I mean uniform.

"Let's see we can get you on the...7PM flight"

Oh sure no problem, I mean it's 2PM, what's another 5 FREAKING HOURS in the airport.

"You know there is a long line at security so you probably wouldn't make it anyway."

You're probably right, I mean I did just get demoted to Silver status which is about as being privileged as getting to use the 10 item lane at Walmart with *gasp* 13 items. Whatever. Irritated. Moving on.

I get through security in about 2 seconds...a breeze, especially for this ridonc airport...get to my "original" gate and they have just started to board.

Well isn't this just fan-freaking-tastic. So I go up to the gate agent...

"Can I get on this flight, the lady at the baggage counter thought I wouldn't make it but here I am"

"Oh, sorry, no...she already tagged your bag"

Um, how about I could give a shiz about my bag, lose it, I don't care...I just want to go home now, not in 5 LONG ASS HOURS!

"Ok, thank you"

*End Scene*

So here I am at the (who am I kidding)...working...AGAIN, but at least with some vino in hand. Most of the time traveling doesn't bother me (hell I would even hug a TSA) but today not so much and yes there may be a teeny tiny part that was my fault, but we're not talking about that because it's my blog damn it!

Bottoms Up ~

Ps. How awesome...2 posts in a week? Holla!!!

Pss. Don't mind the time stamp, it's wrong...I have no idea what time zone my blog resides in.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey...I'm here...

Wow...holy's been over a year since I have blogged. Wait...that sort of sounds like confession but I'm Lutheran. At any rate, I'm here, alive and ready to get the party started.

Welcome to 2012 People!!!

As I logged in I noticed that people actually still log in to see what CRAZY is that??? Me...Vinomommy...Crazy??! I mean really my main point of this blog is to spew without further adeiu lets roll...

Last week I had a little epiphany if you will about how fortunate I am. Of course my said epiphany was over wine, but lets not be too quick to judge. :)

Now please don't confuse fortunate with perfect, cause lord knows that is more than stretch! But I became a little overwhelmed with how fortunate I am in life. Somehow in my lifespan I have managed the following:

  • Born to 2 rockstar parents (yes I said rockstar because when your Mom & Dad are 19 when they get married, have a baby and manage to stay together HAPPILY...well you know with a couple of hiccups here and there...for 34 years...well that my friends equals rockstar status)

  • Met, fell in love & married the love of my life...who can be a snarky pain in the ass, but is hawt, beyond loving, is an exceptional father...and oh yeah still makes me swoon when he walks in the lie...

  • Had 2 adorable, sweet-as-pie, brilliant boys who are as different as night & day and remind me constantly how lucky I am to be a Mom. They show me everyday what unconditional love really is and remind to have fun as much as possible...

  • Grew up with almost all my all my Grandparents & several of my Great this day I still have 2 Great Grandmas (I know WTF...I want their youth serum too!) but more than that I have my one Grandma whose name doesn't even need to be spoken because if you really know me, you know who she is...and well with out her...I can't even imagine...

  • I have a best friend, like the kind you tell everything...I have no secrets with her, I can tell her exactly how I feel...even if it's about her & how we may not agree. But the best part is she listens, she loves and more than anything she is always there...

  • I have friends...lots of them (no I am not gloating)...I have friends I met at 12 and you know what? We are still all's crazy sometimes when we get together and realize how much we have been through and the stages we have watched each other transition through over the last 22 years (WOW!!!). And regardless of the weeks/months/years since it has been since we were together we pick up right where we left off...

  • Other friends I have met in College & became friends for life after bonding over midterms, 21st birthdays, marriage & babies...they saw a different part of me & stayed (yeah I know...they were desperate)...again regardless of time spent apart we are always there for each other to reminisce, support each other when times get tough & celebrate all the good that comes in between...

  • Cousins...I have lots...being an only child is different and I was fortunate to have cousins that have been like siblings...or as we say, should have been siblings (you know who you are)...but really how many 33 year olds still hang out with their cousins, stand up for them in their weddings, etc...not only are we friends, but family too...

  • Last but surely not least is the family I became part of the day I fell for that ridiculously handsome man I call my I said I am an only child and it is true you do tend to pine for what you don't have (aka siblings...) and when I married Mr Man I not only got a husband but a big ol' family to go with him. I hit the jackpot...I am SO LUCKY to be married into a family that I love to hang out with, party with, commiserate and everything in between...they too make this wild ride of life that much more fun...

    So as you can see I could go on forever about how fortunate I am, because really, I am.

    I am thankful every day that my parents decided to be a little reckless, fall in love, provide me with a home that was constant, let me make mistakes, sent me off to College, let me go when I met a guy who stole my heart, embraced his family & became friends, & supported us to where we are today. It surely hasn't always been an easy journey, but one I wouldn't have ever wanted to miss, and that my friends is just another reason why I consider myself fortunate...

  • A little add on to this post...I would also like to give shout out to all my OTHER friends and you know who you are...the coworkers, ex coworkers (who became friends which makes it that much sweeter), Twitter friends (yes people think we are crazy, but we know the truth), the CREEPS (aka LLF friends near & far) and everyone else who I truly do count as a friend. You all contribute to how fortunate I am and I am so lucky to call you friends!!!

    Thursday, January 6, 2011

    Well Hello Everyone...

    Happy New Year! Yes, yes, yes…I know. July to January wasn’t such a good run…but what can I say? Life was busy, living the dream and all that good stuff. So here we are another new year, another chance to hopefully make it memorable and not screw up too much along the way. I can honestly say 2010 was a great year and if I could replicate it or make it even slightly better…well then 2011 will be a banner year indeed.

    So much to talk about since the last 6 months, but this is a blog and not a novel so let’s just review the Cliffs Notes version shall we?

    -Summer…it was all it should have been, warm, sunny, sailing, the lake, boating, beaching, camping, PERFECT! AND…the man & I celebrated our 10th Anniversary…hard to believe that 10 years went by so fast and I am lucky enough to say I am even more in love with the guy now than I was back then and trust me I was head over heels for him then! We got away for a little vacation to Cape Cod just the two of us and had a BLAST…if you’re a parent & reading this I implore you to get away with your spouse at least 1x a year…you need it…no really you do, just ask me. Also I have decided to add to my list of things I will do when I win the lottery, it now includes buying a home on Nantucket (might by a plane for the island too just in case I miss the ferry…).

    -Fall…kids start school, major life change with daycare and it was a difficult lead up but they are both doing great…seriously Ross & Jack love school and this makes us incredibly happy! AND…with their change in schedule our work schedules changed and bonus I get home a lot sooner…this too makes for a very happy Mommy! They both played soccer and Ross also played football…was a busy time but they both had a blast, not so sure on the football front but with age & growth I think Ross will enjoy it more. He was very much the little guy on the team (seriously the smallest by FAR) & I can’t blame the kid for not wanting to be pummeled by a kid 2x his size…other than that they both are growing and thriving and seriously getting smarter by the minute…the transformation is incredible, but too fast as always. Oh yes and the boys got bunk beds and they love it…and so does Mom…so now we have a real guest room for anyone who feels like drinking too much wine with me & spending the night…

    -Work…was tough, business was slower than we had both would have liked…I took a “sabbatical” from traveling in Sept & Oct due to the changes the kids were going through with school & daycare and frankly just didn’t want to miss out on the happenings of life during that time…it sort of came back to bite me in the ass in that I ended up traveling more than I wanted to in Nov & Dec, but you do what you have to do. I think as a parent it is tough to be away when your kids are really little because it seems like they change everyday & you don’t want to miss any milestones…unfortunately as they get older it has become apparent that it is much harder on the kids, as both boys have struggled with my travel schedule. Luckily Brian is a great Dad and more than attentive during my travel times and of course I am so guilt ridden that I smother them with love & attention when I return…this parenting is NOT for the weak!

    -Health…we’ve all been pretty healthy up until the recent crap that went through our house causing Ross to end up in the ER one night for IV fluids…I tell ya that kid does NOT mess around when it comes to getting sick…he really only gets sick maybe 1x a year, but when he does the shit will hit the fan! We’ve also been dealing with some crazy unexplained allergic reactions with Ross…we have finally conceded that it is more than his pediatrician can figure out and off to the allergist we go in 2 weeks! Send us some good juju that we might possibly get some kind of an answer…

    What else, what else…last years resolutions actually held pretty true, as my last post alluded to I started to try and get my weight down and become a healthier me…as of today I am down 26 lbs and still working diligently at losing weight…slipped from my yoga routine, but anxious to get back on that train and add some cardio to the mix. I feel like I am more organized than before…not that I am truly organized yet, but at least it is still a work in progress…I am doing better at managing my time despite what my Mother says and again I haven’t achieved perfection, but it feels like it is getting better. As for the “should we have another baby” it is a resounding No (just don’t ask the boys). Our family of four is everything we wanted in life and this is how it will if only someone would do something about that *cough...Brian...cough*. I’d have to look back and see what else I put down, but like I said 2010 was a great I have plans to make this year even better!

    That’s it for today…but tomorrow I have a special post in store for our big boy who is…gah…turning 7!?!??!!

    Before I log's my newest favorite family pic of the Vino Familia...

    Feels good to be back in the blogosphere...

    Thursday, July 8, 2010

    "'re a hard habit to break."

    Don’t panic…I know you think someone has probably confiscated my blog account, but never fear it really is Vinomommy. So much to talk about as always, but today my post is going to be somewhat of an awakening, somewhat heavy hearted and more than anything a new beginning for me. My suggestion is to grab a glass of water, coffee, diet coke, vino, or beer and settle in for a nice long post…

    I use my blog to document life and what transpires in this head of mine…the posts are sporadic at best, but I try…probably why I never succeeded at keeping a diary. When I did have a diary it went something like this….“Dear Diary today is my 11th Birthday” and then the next entry would be “Dear Diary today I graduated from High School” so as you can see consistency was never my strong suit.

    At any rate a few weeks ago my Grandma (my savior…seriously) came to clean. Yes I hire my Grandma to clean my house, why? Because she is a fierce cleaner, who leaves no spot untouched and she offered, so there. Anyways I used to have her clean 1x month and then the recession hit and so did everything else in life. So I stopped having her clean about 6 months ago, fast forward to a few weeks ago…our house was in need of a SERIOUS scrub. Mind you we have always kept a “clean” house, sure toys were around, maybe I still had a bag of Easter eggs & candy sitting out, mail piled, laundry to do, dust bunnies on the shelves…but nothing that was worth signing me up for an episode of Hoarders. But something happened…

    I am not sure how others feel but I know that when beds are made, laundry is kept up & put away, dishes are done, bathrooms are cleaned, offices are organized and shit is put away…our house, family, marriage all runs smoothly, like a well oiled non stressful machine. Let me emphasize the non stressful part…because it is true. When the house is in chaos so is this family, we (me, Brian, and the boys…truthfully probably just B & me). It puts us both on edge and with two very active boys, combined with two very demanding careers, we don’t need additional chaos!

    So what happened? Brian and I arrived home from work on Friday to a clean house courtesy of Grandma and then we found ourselves spending the weekend putting away the laundry she had done, and then moved to the kids rooms and did the same, then we cleaned the basement (i.e. organized), I started organizing the kids toys, games, pantry, office, steam cleaning the carpet and before you know it our house was perfect. Well maybe not totally perfect, but perfect in our eyes. What was left was a very clean, organized home with beds made, laundry put away…a polished beauty, one that we would be proud to call home.

    But the BEST part? Almost a month later it still looks that way. When we go to bed, leave for work, whatever…the house is in order. Funny how keeping up with everything is a lot easier than trying to do a complete overhaul…who knew? (Mom, Grandma no comments please!) I think I have actually become a bit neurotic because I seriously can’t leave the house or go to bed with things out or dishes in the sink, etc…ridiculous and wonderful all at the same time.

    Which brings me to the reason behind this post…habits. It took giving us a fresh start and committing to keeping our house organized and doing it EVERY SINGLE DAY to become a habit and of course breaking the bad ones.

    I have some other bad habits too that need breaking and rewiring…so here goes the second part of this post.

    This weekend we are having an all family picture on my Mom’s side, the last one was taken in 1998. So much has changed in 12 years including losing my Grandpa (and trust me when I say this is no easy feat thinking about him not being part of this picture) but there is also a lot of good too…marriages, babies...all totaling a new family picture of 27 people. The coordination of this picture has been a year in the making since a portion of our family lives in AZ. A year…an entire year I knew this picture would be happening and here I am days before the picture thinking to myself “why didn’t you do something sooner.”

    Believe me this is not a pity post AT ALL, I am not fishing for affirmations or excuses; I am just being honest with myself. I knew this picture was going to happen and I know that there is a good chance we might not ever have another or at least it won’t be in the next 10 years. So why on earth did I not get my ass in gear sooner with the healthy eating and exercise regime that I have so desperately wanted to start and make it a habit by now? Excuses and lots of them. I really despise myself in pictures right now and if I am to be to totally honest at least the last 6 years…and now I will have a permanent portrait of how much I do not like the way I look at this moment.

    No it’s not all about physical beauty it’s also about being healthy and doing something for myself, for my kids and for my husband. I don’t think I am ugly, hideous, or anything of the sort, in fact I feel beautiful more often than not. But I do know that I have avoided for a long time admitting to myself that I am not totally happy with who I have become. So there is really nothing I can do about the looming picture this weekend, well maybe slip the photographer a hundred to Photoshop the hell out me. Instead I am going to use this as a new beginning to break some bad habits and create some new healthier ones.

    I start yoga on Monday and am ecstatic to being doing this and I have a few other little things in my back pocket that I am committing to as well. My plan is in a few weeks to come back to this blog and be able to rave about how in addition to a clean organized house I have also become a healthier me.

    Chicago was sort of right…hard habits are hard to break, but not impossible.

    Until next time…