Sunday, April 18, 2010

Travel Diaries...

I guess I sucked at keeping my resolution of staying on top of my blog….but you know what they say…life happens. Well at any rate I am here now…fresh off of my flight from MSP to LGA (that’s Minneapolis to LaGuardia for the laymen out there). The flight was standard…actually a little cramped to be honest. Apparently depending on what straw you draw you may end up on a smaller DC10 than the last DC10 you flew on, even when flying on the same airline. Ridiculous I tell you…planes are like women’s jeans just when you think you find the perfect pair, you return to the store to buy a second pair of the exact same jeans, but are crushed to find they are indeed NOT the same jeans that you originally purchased. Make sense or completely lost?

This nonsense is all leading up to a long post of random thoughts but mostly about me evolving into a certified travel snob. First off I must say I rarely ever talk to the person I sit next to, not because I don’t like them or I am antisocial quite the opposite in fact, unfortunately I borderline on being diagnosed with narcolepsy and use my flights to feed my need to sleep whenever possible, which for those of you who have children know that naps are a rarity at best. Truly, I love naps like most people love a good scotch…so good, yet over too quickly, and you always want more…wait that sounds like (KIDDING HONEY!!!)…I digress….so this time I actually engaged in a conversation with my flight neighbor and no joke we talked the entire flight…crazy I know.

Let me introduce you to my flight friend, his name is Louis, he was wearing skinny jeans that were rolled, a button down shirt, cardigan with a fabric flower pin and navy blue canvas boat shoes…I know, quite the impression that I remembered all of this. He also had very nice hair, not like drop dead gorgeous hair, but I could tell he fell into the product whore category such as myself (later we both agree it is worth checking luggage to travel with full size hair products). You are all saying to yourself “surely he is straight with a penchant for style” but on the contrary…my new friend Louis is certifiably not straight and confirmed this later in our conversation, because as he stated “I have four brothers and my Mom swears she always knew I was special”…special indeed Louis, I am certain none of your brothers could pull off wearing skinny jeans with a floral pin with as much panache as you if they tried.

At any rate, we struck up a conversation over the fact that the OLDEST living FLIGHT ATTENDANT that ever existed (I SERIOUSLY kid you not) was working our flight…I wish I remembered her name (lets call her “Matilda”) because she might just be the 1st flight attendant ever hired by Delta…and god bless the woman, but she couldn't hear or see (she actually told us this)…of course the 3rd Musketeer in our row was concerned that “Matilda” might not make it if we were to find ourselves in a serious situation (crashing, etc…) but what was the first thing my friend Louis and I were thinking? Better order 2 drinks cause she’ll never make it back by the time my first is empty, hell she might not make it at all. So Louis ordered 2 Vodkas & a club soda, while I of course ordered…you guessed it, 2 Cabernets. We chatted about him being born & raised in Minneapolis and now living in NY going to Grad school for Fashion Design and working at Caroline Herrera’s fashion house. Just so you know when he graduates this Spring he is hoping to land a job with Ralph Lauren or J Crew…we of course discussed other things like where I work and how he remembered my High School because he heard about it burning down when he was in Junior High. Other topics included our love for trashy gossip magazines (which we later swapped) and how we were both surprised that Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey broke up…but neither of us were saddened…we also talked about our devotion to the best TV show ever, Lost (ok maybe not ever but at least right now) and the up & coming favorite, Modern Family. I swear had my cousin Bobby, er Rob or whatever the hell he wants me to call him hadn’t found the love of his life (no worries Jeremy we love you!) I sooooo would be setting Louis & Bobby up on a blind date, but alas it was not meant to be. At any rate Louis and I had a great time chatting it up about all things that most men in my life would have no desire discussing…ever.

Yes, it was all that and much more and it reminded me that maybe sleeping my life away on flights isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, I mean how many Louis’s have I missed by snoring my way through 30,000 feet? I guess I will never know.

Does the mean that I will no longer hit snooze while flying the friendly skies? Hell no. But maybe, just maybe I’ll at least attempt to make eye contact before dozing off. So I think I have probably dragged this post on long enough and you’ll have to wait with baited breath to hear my rant about how I’ve turned into a travel snob until later.

Until next time…