Wednesday, February 25, 2015

People Still Look??? Yes they do Virginia!

"Hey, hey, hey...Just think while you been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the world, You could have been getting down to this sick beat"...I mean blog! HOLY CATS...2015?

You say it's been since 2013 when I last laid eyes on this precious diatribe that I call my blog? And the best part is people are still looking??? Well without further adieu my fine followers lets get back to business!

Let's recap a little since, work, kids, sports, travel, life, position eliminated, eating bon bons, classes, look for job, pine for vacation.

I think that is it! In reality WAY TOO MUCH to even try and sum up and it's in the past so who cares! The good stuff is in the now what pray tell am I up to if not causing a ruckus at the airport & tussling with ascot wearing ticket agents? Well currently I am staring out my "office" window drinking coffee, catching up on all things non essential on the interwebs (thanks for coining that phrase Dad, I still love it).

To be completely honest this ol' girl might be nursing a slight headache this morning as the Man and I went to a wine & dessert pairing event last night put on by this fantastic company called Amusee Wine. It was soooo damn good! But GAH the headache... Anyways it was fun & delish and gave me a chance to network a bit (ok drink wine & answer questions like "what do you do?" where I respond "currently a free agent with a penchant for vino, hire me?"). But truly it was great & since the Man is somewhat girly and can't handle the bubbly I drank his (ummm...hello I am an athletic supporter I will always have your back if you can't handle the vino). My Daddy-O was the babysitter extraordinaire last night since my Mom and all of the ladies in my family are in Mexico. Because of my current level of jealousy that I am not there as well, I only hope that they wake up with a "Jose Cuervo you are not a friend of mine" hangover & feel slightly worse than me. :) But I digress...I told said sitter (Daddy-O) that we wouldn't be too late, well....I tried to call several times to let him know that per my usual routine we needed a little bite to eat after all the boozin & desserts. He didn't answer (per his usual routine) so when we finally made it to our house our sitter was snoozing on the couch & I offered a peace offering of the most delicious balsamic glazed strawberry tart. No idea if it worked as he bee lined it out of the house to get back home. Some sitters are so fickle, apparently paying in food isn't what it used to be...oh yeah and being on time is what they prefer. Who knew?

Alright that's it, I am alive & well (I mean if you don't count the headache). And looking forward to spewing more nonsense until I get back to reality. Which BTW I am actually looking forward to...this stay at home Mom gig IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK...people demand clean clothes, food cooked, clean homes, etc...WITH NO COMPENSATION. Sorry hugs don't quite cut it. My utmost admiration to the "Stay At Home Parents" you rock (also can you come do my laundry??? No? Fine.).

Until Next Time,