Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where to Begin?

Wow...I have really been quite the slacker lately...funny how not a day goes by that I don't think about posting something...anything really. So...I am going to start "small" and attempt to build from here...cause even though it seems like I have given up on the world of blogging...I haven't. It's more like the pendulum of time has thrown me completely off and I am fighting like hell to get back up.

I used to think my life, our life, was crazy busy...I couldn't have been more wrong, life as we know it now is UNFREAKINBELIVIBLY CRAZY.

Don't get me wrong our life is good, real good as I have said before, but the balance...that thing that I strive to find EVERY SINGLE DAY is a little off...nope make that completely off it's axis.

The boys both started school this year, Ross venturing off into Kindergarten & Jack starting his first year of Preschool. The good news here is that they LOVE it, seriously love themselves some school. Which is comforting and of course a little sad knowing that they truly are growing up and doing things without Mom & Dad's help and I of course have been playing over and over in my head "how did the last 5 1/2 years fly by so quickly?" Take a peek for yourself...

The Big Boy...
The Little Boy

My Boys...
So school has been a great thing, Ross loves his teacher and she is great despite the fact that I think she was born when I graduated from HS...ok, not really but either she is aging amazingly or...I am getting...gasp...older? Jack of course fell in love with his teacher from the get go because he actually has Ross's first Preschool teacher...Ms Mary. Let it be known that I warned Ms Mary that Jack is not Ross...not just the "he's the little brother...blah...blah" more the "he is much more 'spirited' than Ross"...which really equates to...he's a wild man, what is your liquor preference? However despite our fears that Jack would terrorize Ms Mary and wish she had retired sooner, he has done fabulous and is well behaved and BONUS has not peed his pants in school. We had little doubt that Ross would adjust to Kindergarten superbly, but of course being the shy, perfectionist, old soul that he is it can take awhile for him to get "comfortable" in new surroundings. But again, he has done wonderful and lovin' every minute...well with the exception of us asking him everyday "what did you do at school" which is usually answered with "I don't remember...I played." Huh...interesting.
So let's see we've got school, then we started swimming and soccer. Phew! Throw in the Mr having back issues which ultimately landed him with a diagnosis of a herniated disc...well that's when things really started cooking around here (although softball was no longer a scheduling issue as bad back=no softball for the rest of the year...woo hoo).
Then shortly after the start of our marathon fall my work got busy...nope busy doesn't do it justice...INSANE...the kind of insane non stop work that ultimately wore me down and had my heart beating so fast that my chest started to tighten, breathing became difficult, and a momentary nervous breakdown ensued. Which oddly enough I take meds to curb anxiety (I know, surprise!) , so you know it's bad when even the "happy pills" can't fend these feelings off.

The "busyness" is great for business, we are now half way back to where we were a year ago, which probably sounds meager at that, but trust me when I say we have made leaps and bounds. But with this has come ridiculous work hours, day, night, weekend it doesn't matter. I am at the mercy of "The Client" and I hate that. They essentially own my ass and I have no choice but to grin and bear it till it's all over. I am however doing my best to avoid the "flight mode" and am now preparing myself to "fight" knowing that if I focus on just getting the job done, that one day (god willing by December) it will be over...or at least slower.

I have cancelled both work trips and personal trips because of the work load (2 vacations to be exact). Thank god the Mr is incredibly understanding (yes I know, as a person he is much better than I...nothing new there) and is more than accommodating with my job. Good news for him is that mid-October we will be in NYC together, kid free, just he and I...and well the rest is for us to know and you to not. :)

The positive side is I have only had a couple overnight trips one being tomorrow (and no I am not packed or ready to go whatsoever and it's 11PM...) which has kept me home more, but with the amount of hours I am working I might has well be in another state. The one thing I can say is that I am perfecting the "quality" of time with my family versus the "quantity" and am consistently trying to balance that damn pendulum one day at a time (Grandma if you are reading this...if you lived with us life would be much more even keel...I'm just sayin).

So again as I have signed off before, I will attempt to keep this little life journal of mine up to date and a little more light hearted, cause I am not much of a fan of drama mama as I am of Vino mama...until next time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You thought I left didn't you?

I know you're all probably falling over that I am finally posting something...or maybe you aren't even there because you gave up on me about a month ago...(please be the first). Well I am here and life is still strolling along at a rapid pace. Actually life is good, really good...we are all happy, healthy, and always trying to find a balance between supremely chaotic and Zen...I'll keep you posted on how that works out, but give me about 30 more years.

So I have so much to post and pictures, OMG the pictures from this summer...I figure I haven't really posted many since Memorial Weekend? Well unfortunately they are not going up tonight, I am too tired and using my teeny tiny bit of energy to sneak a post in. BTW - you may look at the post time and think "Vino Mommy, it's early...why are you tired?" and my answer to that is the time that shows up when I post my blog, does not actually coincide with the real time (i.e. CST). So anyways I digress...

It has been a busy, productive...scratch that...just busy summer. There has been softball, t-ball, tennis camp, weekends at the lake, sailing, a "Gadient Wedding" which is a feat in itself, shower, bacherlorette/bachelor party, Beyonce, picnic at the farm, work....(OMG - especially for Beer Daddy)...successful potty training, birthdays, no more training wheels, family visits and so much more...it's quite ridiculous and wonderful all at the same time.

So as I was running around tonight with Beer Daddy shuffling the kids to and from tennis camp and then home to eat dinner, which turned into a pit stop of cleaning the garage (I know freakin ridiculous how the man gets side tracked), to watering the plants, make dinner, do laundry, clean out the Mini from our weekend away, put crap away, bathe kiddos, brush teeth, blah, blah, blah...I thought of something..."In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." - Benjamin Franklin.

Weird, I know...frankly I am not sure why it crossed my mind, but here's the thing Benny...I have a few more things I am completely and utterly certain of...

1. I will never be caught up with our laundry...ever.

2. Exhaustion is a part of Parenting that they down play...I will always be tired, even after a nap.

3. Chocolate & Vino are my vices...but in moderation they should not kill me...I hope.

4. Beer Daddy and I are late...pretty much always, timeliness is our kryptonite.

5. I never want my kids to grow up too fast, even at their worst...I really do cherish it all.

6. There is nothing sweeter than slowing down and experiencing life though the eyes of your child.

7. Family can be Friends and Friends can be Family.

8. Sometimes the truth really can hurt, no matter how hard you try to not let it.

9. I really did marry my Soul Mate.

10. I will always be forever wanting more time to write on my blog.

So there you go 10 Vino Mommy Truth's, they may not be yours, but they are most definitely mine. I may revisit this list as there is so much more that I am sure of but thought best to end this "renewal post" and keep you wanting more.

Until next time...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Really? 3 Weeks???

...GASP! I can't believe that I haven't posted in 3 weeks...I sort of hate myself for being such a lackey...but it has been a crazy, busy, insane time in the Gadient house. I have so many pictures to share (no really, TONS...) but tonight I am off to Beyonce with my best partner in crime...Stacy and oh yeah even though we aren't single, we are still putting our hands up! :)

BTW...after my stern lecture I had with myself I will be updating this blog o' mine this weekend or else...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My dogs are barking...

...I am so tired and my feet, OMG...are killing me! I have been traveling to NY once a month since December and you would think I would have found a pair of shoes that could with withstand the incredible amount of walking...but alas I am stumped.

On my last trip I had a record 5-6 blisters on each foot and no I was not wearing "hooker shoes" (use your imagination or ask Hola Carlos aka Catherine). So I was really excited when on my last trip to Indy I was certain I had found THE pair that could handle the rigorous amount of walking required when working in NY....or not. Such a bummer, because I swear they felt like pillows, comfortable as all get out and by they way, oh so cute!

Frankly I am becoming desperate because the dogs, they are barking and they are loud. I know my Dad is reading this and thinking why doesn't she wear her sneakers, because in my Dad's eyes you can wear them with anything. But I am pretty sure that sneakers with my suit/work clothes to meet with clients just might catapult me back into the 80's.

So if any of you have suggestions, I am all ears...or um eyes.

BTW...missing my guys oh so much tonight and can't wait to see them tomorrow...there will be some serious snuggle time in the Gadient house.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't hate me...hate the Internet...

I know I said no more 2 week spans between posts, but apparently my Internet did not get the memo. The good news is that we are back online and well better than ever...or well at least back.

So I am back in NYC for a quick trip and tonight I was too tired to do anything exciting. I am so lame that I went to the restaurant across the street and then back. Frankly waking up at 4AM after a long fun filled weekend to make a 7AM flight can drain you. According to Stacy I am to call her when I find my personality...apparently I wasn't the most talkative friend today...frankly I don't blame her, when I am this tired talking becomes a chore.

But alas I did promise you a story about Ross and his curious question "how do babies get in people's bellies?" So here it goes...Brian (aka Beer Daddy) and I took the boys for a walk on a beautiful Sunday morning and as we were walking the following ensued:

Ross: Mom, how do babies get in peoples bellies?

Me: (Thinking oh my god, oh my god, I am not ready to answer this question, he is only 5, why is he asking this, what do I say...I mean some people love each other, but some people don't...sometimes there are 2 Mommies or 2 Daddies...crap where do I begin?!?!?!?!)

Ross: Mom?

Me: (Looking at Beer Daddy for some help) Well Ross it's a long story that I will tell you later.

Beer Daddy: (Giving me the look of "way to bail on that answer") Ross, not everyone can have a baby just Mommies and when 2 people love each other they get together and have a baby.

Ross: Ok

Me: (Are you kidding me, they "get together" and have a baby? What kind of answer is that...why didn't I think of it...)

Beer Daddy: (Smirking)

After about 5 minutes...

Ross: Hey Mom, you said your story was long, is it different?

Me: Nope, I think Daddy said it all.

So there you go, our first "difficult" discussion regarding the birds and the bees. I know pathetic, but hell it worked and what did we learn...sometimes the simplest answer is the best.

And one more story, because is there anything better than what comes out of the mouths of babes? At dinner last week...

Ross: Mom, what is on your face?

Me: What?

Ross: That thing, it looks like a volcano or something.

Me: (Oh you mean that blemish on my face...why did I have kids?)

Beer Daddy: Ross that is not nice to say...you should apologize.

Ross: Well it does...

Gotta love them, they have no sensor that's for sure...I can't wait for his first pimple, I mean volcano.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time Bandit...

...I have no real reason for not blogging as of late, however if I could pin the blame on something I would say my life has something to do with it. Just busy, you know that oxymoron being a "Working Mom" it's just that, life, well it never ceases to keep me moving at the max. I have had my share of relaxing moments, my birthday Spa Day for instance (Heaven!), last weekend at the lake, etc...it just seems like when you have those times the last thing I am thinking about doing is opening the laptop.

Of course I could blog after I get done with work, pick up the kids, stop at the grocery store, make dinner, play with the kids, give the kids a bath, read them a story, put them to bed, clean up dinner, start laundry, fold laundry...I sit on the couch with BeerDaddy, who has also competed in this marathon day and we chat about life's greatest mysteries, like are we out of milk, who is dropping off the kids tomorrow, when are we going to put this laundry away and then....it is 10:30/11 ish and we are exhausted, so we head to bed and race to see who can fall asleep first (I am the winner 99.9% of the time).

We are surely not alone in this "Rat Race" called parenting...but it can put a brake on the ol' blogging, which I really do find therapeutic. So now that I have gotten that diatribe out of the way, I can catch you up the life that is mine.

My birthday was fantastic, although I had a very slight, itty bitty midlife crisis turning 31, mainly because I found more gray hair, my face looked like I was aging and more importantly I was so excited to turn 30 and FINALLY be done with my 20's that I kind of forgot that the years keep coming. BUT...I did get over it and my guys had breakfast with me, I had an absolutely lovely day at the spa with my Mom, Grandma and Stacy...and capped the night off with a delicious dinner at our house with family and friends. Really it doesn't get any better (the cut, color & facial helped with the aging part too).

Ross is done with preschool and to say that I am going to be a puddle when he starts Kindergarten or graduates from High School is an understatement. I had to leave his last day of preschool ice cream social about 10 minutes early and found a few tears strolling down my cheek while walking to my car just thinking about my first baby moving on to the next stage of growing up...too fast I tell you, too fast. Quick cute story about his last day...I went to thank his teacher for all she had done this year and she said that "Ross had really opened up this year and...well the girls are quite smitten by him. And well Ross, he seems to be quite the keen on them as well." Oi vey...my little blond Casanova. Here are a couple pics of Ross with his teachers...

I have so much more to tell, but I need to sign off as last night the guy in the hotel room next to me (yes, I am on the road again, back in the Big Apple and more adventures to tell) vomited his brains out, literally. All night long and the intensity of the sound was unreal, I honestly have no idea how he could even possibly have enough in him to last that long, so I have decided he must have lost his spleen and a couple other organs throughout the night. Just in case you were wondering I am staying at the beautiful Grand Hyatt, however the walls are so thin, I think it is a requirement in NY that any sound must be magnified while in your hotel room. My guess is the only thing between the walls is a piece of vellum paper. So my plans to get some much overdue work done were shattered. I did however decide that I could not stomach listening to this again tonight as 2 pillows over my head with the tv on could not drown him out. So I went to the front desk asked if they could check to see if the person in the room next to me had checked out, explained why, the apologized profusely and asked if they could send up a bottle of wine for my troubles...of course not wanting them to feel bad I agreed...I know big of me.

More to come and no I will not wait 2 weeks or more...good stories are on the way and just as a teaser I'll just say that Ross posed this question to BeerDaddy and I on a recent walk "how do babies get in people's bellies?" YIKES!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Biting the Big Apple...

...again I find myself sitting down to try and update my blog for the billionth time in the last couple weeks, however this time there will be success!

I am currently coming to you from the "Lake" aka Grandma's house on Lake Mille Lacs for the Fishing Opener and more importantly our annual Mother's Day Weekend. I look forward to this weekend for many reasons, typically it is the "kickoff" to the many weekend trips we will make here this summer (although we frequent the lake all year long), it is the FIRST of my Birthday Celebrations (I adore my birthday beyond words, why I don't know, I think it is something my Dad instilled in me and we both make sure our celebrations last a good month), and bonus now that I have Children I get to celebrate Mom's Day with my Grandma, Mom, Aunts, and now Cousin's Wives. The weekend pretty much sucks for the guys on many levels, not only do they get to submerge themselves in the freezing cold water to put the dock and lift in, BUT they also get to cook & clean all day Sunday for the Women. Lucky men, they should be so fortunate that they married us! :) So I spent the day playing outside with the boys and taking them for a spin on the four wheeler, now we are hunkered down inside while I enjoy a fine glass of Vino and the Men they are hovered around the fire trying to warm up....

The last couple weeks have been a little crazy, but life seems to be slowing or maybe it's that my travel scheduled has slowed. I was in NY last week for work and then a Friend/Coworker, Susie, met me out there for a little girls getaway. We had a BLAST! Needless to say we tore up NY in a few short days. The first night we had the best intentions to head over to Rockefeller Center for dinner, but ended up "stopping" for a drink at the hotel bar...yeah well that quick stop lasted a little longer because they carry one of my favorite Pinot Noir's (La Crema) and I can't have just 1 (again, that is why I am Vino Mommy)...at some point we managed to pull ourselves away and walked a couple blocks down to a place called McFadden's Tavern. Great burgers, but the music was way too loud for our old ears so we had to leave as we could only comprehend every 4th word we spoke (and no it was not because of the wine I had consumed). We spent the rest of the trip hitting up Chinatown for some "discounted" designer purses, Little Italy for lunch, Central Park with a pit stop at Tavern on the Green, Times Square, lunch in Tribeca and FINALLY mastering the Subway! There are so many stories but I will only make you suffer through 2 (Lance and Beerdaddy quit rolling your eyes)...

...first one happened while shopping in Chinatown, we were accosted about every 5 feet with someone asking us "you want Gucci, Coach, Prada...come with me" (you have to say it really fast and in your best Chinese accent) and then all of the sudden this man who appeared to be homeless or maybe he just had poor hygiene yelled into the crowd "THIS IS INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIME AT IT'S WORST, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED". Ashamed, me? No. Giddy at the great deals and happy that I can help this Entrepreneur realize his/her dreams. Yes.

The second and the one that still has me laughing, is when Susie and I were walking out of Central Park and an older Asian man had photos displayed of famous NY landmarks and Central Park...we stop to look and he turns to Susie and the following conversation transpires...

Man: Foto (again use your best Chinese/English accent)

Susie: (Nods that it indeed is a photo)

Man: Foto, Foto, Foto, Foto

Susie: Yes (again, smiling that and acknowledging that they are photos and there are 4 of them )

Man: Fo Seasons, April, May, Fall, Christmas

Priceless I tell you, priceless. I will try and post some pictures from the trip in the next couple days, but until then I hope all of you readers that are Mother's have a wonderful day tomorrow...I know I will!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


...I am currently at Casa Del McNab in the great City of St Cloud for a weekend visit of splendor and vino...today I joined the ladies of "Oakwood Lane" (Stacy's gal pal neighbors) for a little lunch which I imagine is much better and less controversial than the ladies of Wisteria Lane. Good food was followed by a trip to the mall in which I became reacquainted with all that is fantastic at New York & Company. I hadn't been there in years and needless to say I made up for lost time. Good for me, bad for BeerDaddy.

So not a whole lot of earth shattering news, we signed Ross up for Kindergarten and have come to the decision that he will attend half day in the morning (we were told that our neighborhood has been AM for years) and Brian will bring him to school (they don't bus from our neighborhood). I am hoping all works well, we have stressed out (or maybe just me) over this for months and I'd like to think that we have made the best decision possible...we'll see. Speaking of decisions Stacy called me shortly after reading my last post to inform that I had indeed lost my mind as she had never considered me a bad parent and was dumbfounded as to why I would think that and post such nonsense. My response was...maybe it was PMS and I didn't want to admit it...or lack of Vino.

Other than that last weekend we had a little memorial dinner in honor of the 1 year since my Grandma passed away, it was very nice and since my Grandpa adored and loved my Grandma immensely he wrote a little speech that had most in tears...such a sappy guy...(BeerDaddy pay attention). That same day my godson turned 21, yes my Aunt was that nutty and bequeathed me with the honor of being her son's Godmother at the tender age of 10. So being the good Godmother that I am, I go out for a couple glasses of vino so that I can buy him a shot. Well somehow I was given a couple shots and boom goes the dynamite. It was a lot of fun, but I am way to damn old to do that anymore as Sunday came around and I was not so much enjoying life.

Last but not least I am sending a special shout out (albeit belated) to my Dad/Mr Fabulous/Bampa/Special Shoes...who turned a fantastic 51 this week. I luv ya Dad!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Parenting, it's not as easy as it looks...

...hard to believe that this Thursday I will be taking the Big Boy to "Kindergarten Roundup" i.e. registering him for school, meet the teachers, and get a sneak peek at what's in store for next fall.

I know I have said it before but I am simply amazed at how fast time has flown, I mean really how is it possible that 5 years have already passed since he was born? He is such a precocious little boy, who has been called an "old soul" more than once. He is a lover, a cuddler, but needs his space. He definitely knows what he wants and has no issue letting us know how he feels about something. He can not be forced, if he is not ready to sing a song, play a game, etc...he will not do it.

He is a processor, a thinker and me, I am doer. This can be a conflict at times, me being the Mom who wants him to do something on my time (get his shoes on, pick up a toy, take a picture...) and he of course not wanting to do this. I know this sounds like the classic parent/child conflict, but lately I feel like my fuse has been a little short. No need to call CPS...nothing bad, we aren't on a spanking rampage (and NO I am not berating those who choose to spank), I just realized that on at least 2 occasions this weekend I sort of snapped at my Big Boy for not doing what I asked him to and maybe just maybe it was a little more than what was necessary for the "crime".

I worry that I have been too hard on him and for goodness sakes he is only 5 and if I am this hard on him at 5 what will I be like when he is 10 or 15? So I shed some tears (NO, I am not PMS'ng) and BeerDaddy brought me back to reality that yes I may have snapped (we all have our moments) and lord knows between the funeral frenzy, Easter, and all that ensued last week I was a wee bit stressed, that I am still a good Mom.

I just don't want my boys to remember me as that Mom who was too tough or hard to please, because oh my god these boys mean the world to me. So I will forgive myself, as I am sure my little Rossman has for my little blurp in time where I wasn't the perfect Mommy and hope that he and Jack always know how much I love them. They are my sweet perfection that bring me so much joy and I know that there will be other moments, but hopefully I can learn a little something each time.

Like I said, this parenting thing...it's not as easy as it looks.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Deja Vu...

...but not the kind I like. I am back from a couple of chaotic weeks and the return to normal life is quite comforting.

A year ago, Brian and I came home from Cancun to find out that my Grandma (my Dad's Mom) had become sick and although initially we thought it was something she would recover from, it was dire enough that we were told we should head to the hospital when we landed. Within a week of being home she passed away. This was devastating for all of us as it was so unexpected, this Saturday it will have been 1 year.

So when I got on the plane to come home from Cancun a week ago and made a call home before takeoff to see how the boys were doing, I was crushed to hear that my Grandpa was not doing well. I waited until we were in flight and went up to First Class where my parents were to let my Mom know what little I knew and that it sounded serious. I went back to my seat and just sat that there in awe that we could possibly be going through the same motions as last year. We landed, my Mom called her Sister to find out what his status was and made the decision that she needed to get to his house as soon as possible. My Mom's other sister arrived a few hours later and would join them shortly. I was told that I could wait until morning that things would be fine until then. I went to bed that night second guessing that I should have gone to see him, my thoughts were confirmed when I received a call at 6:30AM on Monday that my Grandpa had passed away 15 minutes earlier.

I was sad, I was mad, and in an instant the relaxed and refreshed feeling of being on vacation less than 24 hours earlier was gone. The rest of last week went as most do after someone passes, we cried, we put pictures together, family gathered, we laughed, we became stressed, we told stories, we said good bye and then we partied. Wait....doesn't every family have a good party when someone dies? Well, my family does because well that is what we do best, celebrate life and the life of someone we love.

My Grandpa was a complex man to say the least, he saw things from a point of view much different than I. I always knew he had a love for the outdoors, hunting, fishing, anything that would place him near a lake or woods. What I didn't know was the deep love that he had for his family. Not that I didn't think he loved his Children, Grandchildren or Great Grandchildren...it was just not something I heard him speak about. But I couldn't help but notice how many people at his funeral stated how much he expressed to them the immense love he had for his family above all. I would be lying if I didn't say this took me by surprise. Again, I don't say this as a negative thing, I guess maybe I viewed his love as more understated, but it does feel good to know that we were such an important part of his life. He will be missed by many and I personally will miss my many lunches with him where I would get him up to speed on the latest and greatest stories of Ross and Jack.

So tonight I am in Indy trying to get caught up with work, caught up with life, and trying to remember what life was like before the chaos ensued. I miss my boys already and am counting down the hours till I see them again.

Hello...anyone here??

I promise I have not vacated the premise...still alive, still kickin'. It has been a crazy couple of weeks and I have quite the post drafted for tonight. But until then Vino Mommy needs some vino. Much to come....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


...I know, where the hell have I been...I am not on vacation, but I am back in the Big Apple. Not much to report, last night I was way too stressed about work to go out and tonight I am mentally taxed from work, not to mention physically exhausted due to being mental...I mean mentally exhausted. So I have been uploading pics of our vacation to my Facebook page (another ridiculous obsession) and tonight I realized that I need get reacquainted with my blog. So here I am. :)

I know I need to rehash the vacation and could probably sum it up in a few words...relaxing...fantastic...wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my kids, the Mr, and doing some serious kicking back. It was a much needed respite for all of us.

So funny...annoying travel story...I went to the airport and did not have any small bills on me, so I go to the sky cap service, check myself in (BY MYSELF), put my bag on the scale (BY MYSELF) and waited for the lady to pull the sticker out of a machine and put it on my bag. After placing the sticker on my bag, she lifts and puts it onto a conveyor belt. If I could put the damn thing on there myself I would.

So I walk away and she says "you did want Sky Cap service, correct?" I said yes and then noticed that she shook her head and gave me the "your a shitty cheap ass traveler" look, to which I turned around and said "I am sorry, did I miss something?" to which her reply was (mind you she walked out from behind the counter and came over to me) and says "I don't want your money today, but just so you know this is a gratuity service and I am going to take care of your bag today, but I am just saying if you don't tip your bag might not end up where you are."

WTF??!!!?? Are you kidding me...I mean I am all for tipping people and tipping people well when it is deserved, but a sticker for my small suitcase is all you did. I didn't need you to help me check in, help me pick a seat, show me where to enter my credit card and again if I could put the damn bag on the belt behind you I WOULD. Some may think I am in the wrong and that is ok, but this isn't your blog. :)

That's it, that's my story and I am sticking to it...heading home tomorrow and can't wait to see my boys.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rum Pickled Brain...

...sorry I haven't written, my brain is well....pickled from the sun, rum and vino from the trip. It was a blast and I am definitely set to write a post about all of the fun times we had on vacation....but not until tomorrow. Here's a some pics to tide you over....

The Waltons...

The view from our deck...

Vino Mommy & Beer Daddy before our night out...
Me & Stacy...
We were a little "horny" at the 40th Annual St Patty's Day Parade...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wish You Were Here...

...currently in paradise and it is just as wonderful as before. Ahhhh...love me some vacation.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action....

...ever wonder what it is like to TRY and take a picture of a 2 year old...take a peek...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Men are from Mars...


My girlfriend Carey texted us last night that Obama's speech made her water break, this is very good news as we were hoping she would have the baby before we went on vacation. So we wake up this morning and the following is a conversation between Beerdaddy and I...

Me: (with much excitement) What do you think Carey is going to have? I think it's a girl, but had a dream last night that it was a boy.

Beerdaddy: (with very little reaction) I don't know, but I am sure we will find out by the end of the day.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello Readers!

Hello my faithful followers...no I have not been stuck at La Guardia (that's for you Grandma)...more like stuck in a blog funk. I think it's the weather....

At any rate I am back from a weekend of skiing with the family. My body hurts...so many muscles that haven't been used since...well the last time I went skiing. The exciting part of the weekend is that we got another member of the family on skis....Mr Jack! I am quite the proud Mama seeing my 2 year old on skis...now mind you he only went on the bunny hill and of course needed our help, but he had a blast and I can tell he is definitely going to be our little daredevil on the slopes.

Seriously, how cute is he? They are the tiniest skis ever!

He had to carry his skis...becuase "I a big boy Mommy"...
The dynamic duo on the slopes (we didn't plan on Jack skiing, thus he didn't have a helmet yet...don't call CPS)
Ross had a blast as well...of course he is in his 2nd season so he thinks he is a pro. Unfortunately he got the stomach flu on Sunday morning and I got to be on puke patrol in the back seat with him on our ride home from Duluth.

Yes, I document everything...even pictures of them sick in the backseat...

Funny how you get over the nastiness of watching someone puke when it is your own child. Although this got me thinking of my own neurosis about vomiting...what might this be you say? Well I have this little quirk that I actually analyze what kinds of food I will eat when I "think" there is a possibility that I might get sick, i.e. puke. Seriously, I try to think of things that I wouldn't miss if I were to throw up after eating them. So if it is something I really like, I will choose not to eat it, because I know if I did get sick after eating it I would not be able to stomach it anytime soon. Weird, yes, but smart...definitely.

I also had another sort of weird, thought provoking experience...I went to tan tonight and when I got there I noticed the woman behind the counter was one of the owners, only she was like a gazillion pounds skinnier. As I waited in line for my turn, I imagined she would tell me how she had great success on Weight Watchers or South Beach or some insane exercise regimen...which would of course make me oh so jealous that I can't stick to something like that. Simply amazed at her transformation (I haven't seen her since last year when I tanned) I told her how great she looked. She thanked me and then said that she had, had gastric bypass surgery...huh, didn't see that one coming. Which got me thinking, damn I wonder if I weigh enough for that, but wait I don't really care, but holy crap a little nick, tuck, tightening and I could be that thin...but eventually I convinced myself that if I really wanted to look that way surgery would probably not be the first option...maybe a little less vino (which sounds horrible), a little more exercise...oh hell any exercise and I might be on my way. :)

So that's it for the night...just hoping and praying that rest of us do not get sick and counting down the days until paradise...which if I haven't said it before, can't come soon enough.

Not at LGA....

...I am home and want to post, so much to tell....but ya'll gotta wait until tonight. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


...I am at La Guardia with a screwdriver and chicken fingers (yeah, I know I am the portrait of health) about 3 1/2 hours away from being with my guys....much better.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bored and Sad...

...I want to go home. I am homesick, I miss my boys and I miss Brian....yes it has been a "good" trip, did a little exploring but now I am ready to go home. Hotel life can get old real quick...work, watch tv, work out, read, phone calls, sleep and do it all over again. I know many think that traveling for work can be a glamorous life...BUT alas that is not always the case. Sometimes it is just down right lonely and I worry about the things I miss back home. It is a phase and I know that, I am just in a little funk today and I know tomorrow it will be all gone the moment my plane touches down.

Until then, I will pout....

For all of you, check out these pics from our Mom and Baby Group photo session taken by Diane Hagler last week...pretty dang cute kids if I do say so myself.
The "original" babies...now 5 year olds... The Fab Five Mom's and our Munchkins...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My oh my...

...it has been awhile. Can't say that life has been too crazy, I think I just had a bad case of the "lazies" (I know it's not a real word, but I like it).
So today I have been uber lazy and actually slept most of the afternoon. Yes it was a beautiful day and I chose to sleep it away, but last nights festivities were a little crazy to say it lightly. Somehow a 30th Birthday party turned into a wild night of vino, loud music and cowboy hats. Yeah, it was that good and to boot I partied until after 3AM, which if you know me is a feat in itself.

So the little boy and I napped while the big boy went skiing with Bampa and the Mr cleaned and organized the garage...at least one of us was productive. Tomorrow I head back to NY and plan on not seeking out any overpriced nail salons considering in less than a month we will be in the Caribbean and I plan on finding a new bauble to bring home...did I mention in less than 30 days I will be surrounded by pure paradise for 10 days...excited doesn't even begin to describe how much we are looking forward to this trip. I am pretty sure we talk about it at least once a day. But can you blame us? I mean look at this place...
Other than that the kiddos are great and continue to make me laugh every single day. Their precocious personalities seem to become more and more pronounced as they days go by. Here are a couple of my recent favorite pictures...
One major highlight from my week is that I got to spend some time with the big boy by chaperoning a preschool field trip to see the play Good Night Moon. I loved being able to do this with him, but was reminded of how long it has been since I was 5. I learned that 2 children per parent is definitely the max for the inexperienced, that it is possible to say "boy's you need to sit down" at least 12 times in the first mile of our bus ride, that the back of the bus is still the deemed the coolest place to sit, that as you get older and you weigh more it hurts to bounce up and down in the back of the bus, 1 adult and 2 five year old boys is the max you can fit in one bus seat, and lastly I will quote Cole (the other boy I chaperoned) "sitting in the middle is super boring". It is true being 5 inches further away from the window is super boring. But like I said it was a blast and had many a giggles throughout the day.
Lastly a little story by Ross about his teddy bear...I think Uncle Lance has been influencing the big boy a little more than I thought.