Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time Bandit...

...I have no real reason for not blogging as of late, however if I could pin the blame on something I would say my life has something to do with it. Just busy, you know that oxymoron being a "Working Mom" it's just that, life, well it never ceases to keep me moving at the max. I have had my share of relaxing moments, my birthday Spa Day for instance (Heaven!), last weekend at the lake, just seems like when you have those times the last thing I am thinking about doing is opening the laptop.

Of course I could blog after I get done with work, pick up the kids, stop at the grocery store, make dinner, play with the kids, give the kids a bath, read them a story, put them to bed, clean up dinner, start laundry, fold laundry...I sit on the couch with BeerDaddy, who has also competed in this marathon day and we chat about life's greatest mysteries, like are we out of milk, who is dropping off the kids tomorrow, when are we going to put this laundry away and is 10:30/11 ish and we are exhausted, so we head to bed and race to see who can fall asleep first (I am the winner 99.9% of the time).

We are surely not alone in this "Rat Race" called parenting...but it can put a brake on the ol' blogging, which I really do find therapeutic. So now that I have gotten that diatribe out of the way, I can catch you up the life that is mine.

My birthday was fantastic, although I had a very slight, itty bitty midlife crisis turning 31, mainly because I found more gray hair, my face looked like I was aging and more importantly I was so excited to turn 30 and FINALLY be done with my 20's that I kind of forgot that the years keep coming. BUT...I did get over it and my guys had breakfast with me, I had an absolutely lovely day at the spa with my Mom, Grandma and Stacy...and capped the night off with a delicious dinner at our house with family and friends. Really it doesn't get any better (the cut, color & facial helped with the aging part too).

Ross is done with preschool and to say that I am going to be a puddle when he starts Kindergarten or graduates from High School is an understatement. I had to leave his last day of preschool ice cream social about 10 minutes early and found a few tears strolling down my cheek while walking to my car just thinking about my first baby moving on to the next stage of growing up...too fast I tell you, too fast. Quick cute story about his last day...I went to thank his teacher for all she had done this year and she said that "Ross had really opened up this year and...well the girls are quite smitten by him. And well Ross, he seems to be quite the keen on them as well." Oi little blond Casanova. Here are a couple pics of Ross with his teachers...

I have so much more to tell, but I need to sign off as last night the guy in the hotel room next to me (yes, I am on the road again, back in the Big Apple and more adventures to tell) vomited his brains out, literally. All night long and the intensity of the sound was unreal, I honestly have no idea how he could even possibly have enough in him to last that long, so I have decided he must have lost his spleen and a couple other organs throughout the night. Just in case you were wondering I am staying at the beautiful Grand Hyatt, however the walls are so thin, I think it is a requirement in NY that any sound must be magnified while in your hotel room. My guess is the only thing between the walls is a piece of vellum paper. So my plans to get some much overdue work done were shattered. I did however decide that I could not stomach listening to this again tonight as 2 pillows over my head with the tv on could not drown him out. So I went to the front desk asked if they could check to see if the person in the room next to me had checked out, explained why, the apologized profusely and asked if they could send up a bottle of wine for my troubles...of course not wanting them to feel bad I agreed...I know big of me.

More to come and no I will not wait 2 weeks or more...good stories are on the way and just as a teaser I'll just say that Ross posed this question to BeerDaddy and I on a recent walk "how do babies get in people's bellies?" YIKES!


Catherine said...

good blog, good blog.
that first pic of Ross with his teachers... he is a kid-sized man! I can SO picture him at age 25+ there. lol. I hope he keeps his East Coast/Boston accent, and still calls it "gelf". The ladies love that one.

Dustin said...

You're an awesome mom Jen! And all I can say is OH BOY with the Ross groupies lining up already :)