Saturday, May 9, 2009

Biting the Big Apple...

...again I find myself sitting down to try and update my blog for the billionth time in the last couple weeks, however this time there will be success!

I am currently coming to you from the "Lake" aka Grandma's house on Lake Mille Lacs for the Fishing Opener and more importantly our annual Mother's Day Weekend. I look forward to this weekend for many reasons, typically it is the "kickoff" to the many weekend trips we will make here this summer (although we frequent the lake all year long), it is the FIRST of my Birthday Celebrations (I adore my birthday beyond words, why I don't know, I think it is something my Dad instilled in me and we both make sure our celebrations last a good month), and bonus now that I have Children I get to celebrate Mom's Day with my Grandma, Mom, Aunts, and now Cousin's Wives. The weekend pretty much sucks for the guys on many levels, not only do they get to submerge themselves in the freezing cold water to put the dock and lift in, BUT they also get to cook & clean all day Sunday for the Women. Lucky men, they should be so fortunate that they married us! :) So I spent the day playing outside with the boys and taking them for a spin on the four wheeler, now we are hunkered down inside while I enjoy a fine glass of Vino and the Men they are hovered around the fire trying to warm up....

The last couple weeks have been a little crazy, but life seems to be slowing or maybe it's that my travel scheduled has slowed. I was in NY last week for work and then a Friend/Coworker, Susie, met me out there for a little girls getaway. We had a BLAST! Needless to say we tore up NY in a few short days. The first night we had the best intentions to head over to Rockefeller Center for dinner, but ended up "stopping" for a drink at the hotel bar...yeah well that quick stop lasted a little longer because they carry one of my favorite Pinot Noir's (La Crema) and I can't have just 1 (again, that is why I am Vino Mommy) some point we managed to pull ourselves away and walked a couple blocks down to a place called McFadden's Tavern. Great burgers, but the music was way too loud for our old ears so we had to leave as we could only comprehend every 4th word we spoke (and no it was not because of the wine I had consumed). We spent the rest of the trip hitting up Chinatown for some "discounted" designer purses, Little Italy for lunch, Central Park with a pit stop at Tavern on the Green, Times Square, lunch in Tribeca and FINALLY mastering the Subway! There are so many stories but I will only make you suffer through 2 (Lance and Beerdaddy quit rolling your eyes)...

...first one happened while shopping in Chinatown, we were accosted about every 5 feet with someone asking us "you want Gucci, Coach, Prada...come with me" (you have to say it really fast and in your best Chinese accent) and then all of the sudden this man who appeared to be homeless or maybe he just had poor hygiene yelled into the crowd "THIS IS INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIME AT IT'S WORST, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED". Ashamed, me? No. Giddy at the great deals and happy that I can help this Entrepreneur realize his/her dreams. Yes.

The second and the one that still has me laughing, is when Susie and I were walking out of Central Park and an older Asian man had photos displayed of famous NY landmarks and Central Park...we stop to look and he turns to Susie and the following conversation transpires...

Man: Foto (again use your best Chinese/English accent)

Susie: (Nods that it indeed is a photo)

Man: Foto, Foto, Foto, Foto

Susie: Yes (again, smiling that and acknowledging that they are photos and there are 4 of them )

Man: Fo Seasons, April, May, Fall, Christmas

Priceless I tell you, priceless. I will try and post some pictures from the trip in the next couple days, but until then I hope all of you readers that are Mother's have a wonderful day tomorrow...I know I will!

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