Tuesday, February 2, 2010


...yeah so let's start this post out on a "funny"...I was playing around with the "dashboard" on my blog and came across the "next blog" button, so naturally I do what most curious people do and click on it...this is where shit starts to get funny...the next blog was...wait for it.........."Gay Dad's in Munchkin Land"...if you are not laughing you should be...and no gay hate emails either, cause ya'll know I love everyone, gay, straight, diagonal & everything in between....but that, that made me laugh OUT LOUD.

So what else, what else...sitting at the Grill/Bar in my hotel in Indy, yes I am traveling again, yes it sucks, but that's old news right? Enjoying some Vino, waiting for dinner and then prepping to watch the season premier of Lost...gawd I love that show, tis my guilty pleasure and I love it as much as I loathe it. Also I should note that holy hell it is hot in this restaurant...must be trying to help you sweat away the calories...but I digress.

I do have a few things on my mind, first my baby, my sweet, sweet BIG BOY is 6. I am the Mother of a six year old...WOW. The fact that I am a Mom is not surprising the fact that my first born is 6 just slays me...people who do not have kids take note, you will never know how fast time flies until you have children and never underestimate this statement, ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.

Second, I went shopping for a suit last night and saw my ass in the mirror...well lets just say "objects in mirror really are that large" talk about a buzz kill. So if you are wondering how my "workout" resolution is going...no need to ask. Most of the others are making progress, but that is for another post. Needless to say if I don't get on the treadmill soon, I may be required to hang an orange or red flag off my ass in the near future for the safety of others.

Lastly, I have encountered two instances in the last month or so that has brought to my attention that my "strong personality" might just be a little daunting or threatening to others. When I say others, I mean people who I thought knew me, or at least I thought they knew me. At first I was quite upset and put off. I mean really, none of us are perfect. I am actually quite proud that I surround myself by some of the most perfect "imperfect" individuals, but this notion of being somewhat threatening, well that just down right hurt. But then I got to thinking and of course talking with the Mr (who again, not perfect despite what his Mother & my Grandma might think) and this is me, all of me, for good or bad this is who I am. I like to laugh and make people laugh. I like to joke about serious situations to ease the tension, I like to joke about the funny things in life, because well, they are funny. But I am also a very caring and considerate person, who loves my family & friends more than they will ever know.

So yes, I may joke...a lot...and sometimes I miss the mark, but in the end those that really know me, know who the REAL Vinomommy is and what makes her tick, well those are the people that matter most and those are the people that keep me in check and remind me that they love all of me, good, bad and everything in between (even the ass with the red flag...I know, inappropriate).
Until next time...