Tuesday, March 24, 2009


...I know, where the hell have I been...I am not on vacation, but I am back in the Big Apple. Not much to report, last night I was way too stressed about work to go out and tonight I am mentally taxed from work, not to mention physically exhausted due to being mental...I mean mentally exhausted. So I have been uploading pics of our vacation to my Facebook page (another ridiculous obsession) and tonight I realized that I need get reacquainted with my blog. So here I am. :)

I know I need to rehash the vacation and could probably sum it up in a few words...relaxing...fantastic...wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my kids, the Mr, and doing some serious kicking back. It was a much needed respite for all of us.

So funny...annoying travel story...I went to the airport and did not have any small bills on me, so I go to the sky cap service, check myself in (BY MYSELF), put my bag on the scale (BY MYSELF) and waited for the lady to pull the sticker out of a machine and put it on my bag. After placing the sticker on my bag, she lifts and puts it onto a conveyor belt. If I could put the damn thing on there myself I would.

So I walk away and she says "you did want Sky Cap service, correct?" I said yes and then noticed that she shook her head and gave me the "your a shitty cheap ass traveler" look, to which I turned around and said "I am sorry, did I miss something?" to which her reply was (mind you she walked out from behind the counter and came over to me) and says "I don't want your money today, but just so you know this is a gratuity service and I am going to take care of your bag today, but I am just saying if you don't tip your bag might not end up where you are."

WTF??!!!?? Are you kidding me...I mean I am all for tipping people and tipping people well when it is deserved, but a sticker for my small suitcase is all you did. I didn't need you to help me check in, help me pick a seat, show me where to enter my credit card and again if I could put the damn bag on the belt behind you I WOULD. Some may think I am in the wrong and that is ok, but this isn't your blog. :)

That's it, that's my story and I am sticking to it...heading home tomorrow and can't wait to see my boys.


Tiffany said...

That is a pretty funny story. I can not get over that she said that. I am on your side with this story but boy I wish I could get away with saying that to some of my guests. Sorry work is so stressful for you:(

Catherine said...

see me? :)