Sunday, February 8, 2009

My oh my... has been awhile. Can't say that life has been too crazy, I think I just had a bad case of the "lazies" (I know it's not a real word, but I like it).
So today I have been uber lazy and actually slept most of the afternoon. Yes it was a beautiful day and I chose to sleep it away, but last nights festivities were a little crazy to say it lightly. Somehow a 30th Birthday party turned into a wild night of vino, loud music and cowboy hats. Yeah, it was that good and to boot I partied until after 3AM, which if you know me is a feat in itself.

So the little boy and I napped while the big boy went skiing with Bampa and the Mr cleaned and organized the least one of us was productive. Tomorrow I head back to NY and plan on not seeking out any overpriced nail salons considering in less than a month we will be in the Caribbean and I plan on finding a new bauble to bring home...did I mention in less than 30 days I will be surrounded by pure paradise for 10 days...excited doesn't even begin to describe how much we are looking forward to this trip. I am pretty sure we talk about it at least once a day. But can you blame us? I mean look at this place...
Other than that the kiddos are great and continue to make me laugh every single day. Their precocious personalities seem to become more and more pronounced as they days go by. Here are a couple of my recent favorite pictures...
One major highlight from my week is that I got to spend some time with the big boy by chaperoning a preschool field trip to see the play Good Night Moon. I loved being able to do this with him, but was reminded of how long it has been since I was 5. I learned that 2 children per parent is definitely the max for the inexperienced, that it is possible to say "boy's you need to sit down" at least 12 times in the first mile of our bus ride, that the back of the bus is still the deemed the coolest place to sit, that as you get older and you weigh more it hurts to bounce up and down in the back of the bus, 1 adult and 2 five year old boys is the max you can fit in one bus seat, and lastly I will quote Cole (the other boy I chaperoned) "sitting in the middle is super boring". It is true being 5 inches further away from the window is super boring. But like I said it was a blast and had many a giggles throughout the day.
Lastly a little story by Ross about his teddy bear...I think Uncle Lance has been influencing the big boy a little more than I thought.

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