Monday, January 26, 2009



It is ridiculous and apparently doesn't work for me, because I like food and I like wine (hello??? I am the Vino Mommy). I tried Weight Watchers, South Beach, blah, blah, blah...I apparently suck at giving up food groups and get lost counting points.

Why am I torturing myself? Well we have a trip to the Caribbean that is around 40 days away, I have clothes that are a little more snug than normal, and the wedding of Ben & Tiff in July, that I would LIKE to look slimmer at.

So I am going to make a valiant effort at exercising, nothing major, start with some walking on the treadmill and go from there. Watch what I eat, i.e. portion control or maybe just making sure I eat slowly and eat a little healthier.

But you know what the real problem is....I really DON'T care. I mean I care about my health and making sure that I lead a good example for my kids...but the whole concept of trying to look like I did 10 years ago or some size that I *think* I should be really isn't important to me. Sure I look in mirror and think "is that still baby weight?" or look at old pictures and go "wow, I used to look good" which then leads to "I shouldn't have been so hard on myself before"...but really I am happy, I am healthy and I am bigger than I used to be.

The thing is, one of the most influential women in my life, is my Mom and to say that I think she is beautiful is an incredible understatement. The woman is intelligent, confident, beautiful, powerful and by the way not a size 2 . I am pretty sure I have never seen her take a bad picture (well not including the 70's) and put her and my Dad together and BAM you always have an incredible looking couple. They are so freaking photogenic it is sickening! Take a look for yourself...

But in all seriousness, my Mom encouraged me to exercise, make the right choices, but more than anything she taught me to be confident and love who I am no matter what. I never once heard my Mom complain about her weight or wishing she looked like someone else. Not once. So I guess I took all that to heart and really do love who I am and found someone who loves me for me.

So I guess in the end, I blame my Mom for my aversion to dieting and attaining the *perfect* body because she taught me to care more about me than some ideal weight or size. And guess what....I think I am a better person for it, but what do I know, I mean I also think Vino is the nectar of the Gods...

For everything you have done for me, I love you Mom!


Catherine said...

Amen to that :)

benjamin said...

I love the post, but you know what else blows?