Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Boy...

...hard to believe that it has been 5 years since I met this guy...

...and today, he is even more sweet and wonderful than the day I met him...

...and funny enough today seemed to be just as rough as the day he was born. Now mind you my labor and delivery were pretty "easy" all things considered but I had my fair share of vomiting and pain...and well so did Ross today. My poor guy rang in his 5th Birthday with vomiting, strep throat, and a shot in the log. Yeah his day went that well. Needless to say, he is doing much better (considering he hasn't kept anything down since Monday) and despite his sore leg he enjoyed a little birthday party with Grandma Jo, Grandpa, & Auntie J. The one difference between the day he was born and today is that instead of a squeal sneaking out of his mouth I heard this...

Ross: I don't like this house (cue whiny tone and tears).

Me: Why?

Ross: Because you tell me I can't do something and I want to.

Me: Well, I am the Mom (I always despised when my Mother used this).

Ross: This is the worst day ever.

...I guess it could be worse. You may wonder what kind of torture brought this conversation on and being the horrible Mom that I am, I told him he had to wait until his Dad was home to open presents. I know, someone call CPS...wonder what his 13th Birthday will sound like?

So to my Rossman, Punkin Buns, Buddy, Big Boy, Snuggle Bug...I hope you know how much your Daddy and I love you (to infiby and beyondddddd). Your precocious spirit and personality dazzle us on a daily basis and of course your snuggles and hugs melt our hearts. Happy 5th Birthday. We love you!

Ps. Happy 31st Anniversary to my Mom & Dad (I know, I rock...I mean really having a child on the day of their Anniversary, like what other present will ever top that...too bad I don't have siblings), I know you are both sicker than know what they say "in sickness and in health"...but want you to know your love continues to inspire me every year. We love you too!

Pss. Tomorrow (I hope...) Vino Mommy will get you up to speed on life as I know it.

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mikejog said...

"a shot in the log", huh? No wonder the poor guy is hurting.