Sunday, January 18, 2009

Craptastic... might be asking yourself what does this mean, well let me enlighten you...

Craptastic = My week in a nutshell.

This past week was truly one of the worst weeks of my life...and I am not exaggerating with this statement. I normally avoid posting about work as I have said before, I value my job and would not want to jeopardize it with say a rant of a bad day. However I think I am "safe" in writing this post...

Take an incredibly screwed up economy, a slowing of business and what do you get...layoffs. No not me, I actually might have welcomed that and thought about it numerous times, i.e. the thought of losing my job would be less painful than letting some of my staff go. My sleep was nil..maybe a few hours at the most and my anxiety running at max levels. It was torturous and no amount of creative thinking helped to eliminate the inevitable.

My heart breaks for them as they are like family and I wished nothing more than to not have done what I did. Now I am not in need of pity as I am not the first manager to have gone through this (although I hope I don't ever have to do this again), it was just an agonizing week that has left a permanent mark on who I am.

Beyond work there is also the personal side of my life that has been hit as well, with my Grandpa relapsing with his cancer and no cure in sight...I guess the statement "when it rains it pours" has some validity to it.

So I took the weekend to catch up on some much needed sleep and hang out with my guys. We did manage to take down all of the Christmas decor before it became a permanent fixture in our home and of course throw back a little vino.

Here's hoping this week is better, the economy moves in the right direction, and a brighter future is around the corner...

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