Saturday, January 24, 2009

One Point for the Parents!

...yeah we keep score in our house, so what? So you may be asking how did the parents score a point, well...we got Ross to eat a vegetable! This is HUGE for him (ok, for us)...our children are the PICKIEST kids on the face of the earth and yes we have tried everything. The weird thing is that as babies they ate great. Currently our kids palette of food consists of the following:

Chicken Nuggets
Cheese Pizza
Bagel Bites
Mini Muffins
Pop Tarts
Bananas (Ross only)
Cucumber (Ross only)

I have "googled", read books, and surfed hundreds of parenting websites to figure out what we can do. Unfortunately nothing seemed to make a dent in the will power of Ross...until now.

We have been introducing a new food at each dinner with the notion that they have to take a bite of the "new" food before their other dinner and it is working. So this week I made the kiddos cheese pizza and green beans and guess what?! Ross loved the green beans!!! So much that he asked for more (Jack not so much, but we'll keep trying). Elated doesn't begin to explain how we felt, so score 1 for Mom and Dad!

Other than that, this week has been far better than last a long shot. But more later as we are having a little dinner tonight with friends and we are in dire need of a good house cleaning...and a little vino run.


Catherine said...

7:07am? Holy crap, you get up too early.
Which I'm sure has nothing to do with the boys ;)

Dustin said...

I would have simply just told Ross and Jack that I'll respect them if they eat their green beans :)