Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello Readers!

Hello my faithful I have not been stuck at La Guardia (that's for you Grandma)...more like stuck in a blog funk. I think it's the weather....

At any rate I am back from a weekend of skiing with the family. My body many muscles that haven't been used since...well the last time I went skiing. The exciting part of the weekend is that we got another member of the family on skis....Mr Jack! I am quite the proud Mama seeing my 2 year old on mind you he only went on the bunny hill and of course needed our help, but he had a blast and I can tell he is definitely going to be our little daredevil on the slopes.

Seriously, how cute is he? They are the tiniest skis ever!

He had to carry his skis...becuase "I a big boy Mommy"...
The dynamic duo on the slopes (we didn't plan on Jack skiing, thus he didn't have a helmet yet...don't call CPS)
Ross had a blast as well...of course he is in his 2nd season so he thinks he is a pro. Unfortunately he got the stomach flu on Sunday morning and I got to be on puke patrol in the back seat with him on our ride home from Duluth.

Yes, I document everything...even pictures of them sick in the backseat...

Funny how you get over the nastiness of watching someone puke when it is your own child. Although this got me thinking of my own neurosis about vomiting...what might this be you say? Well I have this little quirk that I actually analyze what kinds of food I will eat when I "think" there is a possibility that I might get sick, i.e. puke. Seriously, I try to think of things that I wouldn't miss if I were to throw up after eating them. So if it is something I really like, I will choose not to eat it, because I know if I did get sick after eating it I would not be able to stomach it anytime soon. Weird, yes, but smart...definitely.

I also had another sort of weird, thought provoking experience...I went to tan tonight and when I got there I noticed the woman behind the counter was one of the owners, only she was like a gazillion pounds skinnier. As I waited in line for my turn, I imagined she would tell me how she had great success on Weight Watchers or South Beach or some insane exercise regimen...which would of course make me oh so jealous that I can't stick to something like that. Simply amazed at her transformation (I haven't seen her since last year when I tanned) I told her how great she looked. She thanked me and then said that she had, had gastric bypass surgery...huh, didn't see that one coming. Which got me thinking, damn I wonder if I weigh enough for that, but wait I don't really care, but holy crap a little nick, tuck, tightening and I could be that thin...but eventually I convinced myself that if I really wanted to look that way surgery would probably not be the first option...maybe a little less vino (which sounds horrible), a little more exercise...oh hell any exercise and I might be on my way. :)

So that's it for the night...just hoping and praying that rest of us do not get sick and counting down the days until paradise...which if I haven't said it before, can't come soon enough.

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