Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My dogs are barking...

...I am so tired and my feet, OMG...are killing me! I have been traveling to NY once a month since December and you would think I would have found a pair of shoes that could with withstand the incredible amount of walking...but alas I am stumped.

On my last trip I had a record 5-6 blisters on each foot and no I was not wearing "hooker shoes" (use your imagination or ask Hola Carlos aka Catherine). So I was really excited when on my last trip to Indy I was certain I had found THE pair that could handle the rigorous amount of walking required when working in NY....or not. Such a bummer, because I swear they felt like pillows, comfortable as all get out and by they way, oh so cute!

Frankly I am becoming desperate because the dogs, they are barking and they are loud. I know my Dad is reading this and thinking why doesn't she wear her sneakers, because in my Dad's eyes you can wear them with anything. But I am pretty sure that sneakers with my suit/work clothes to meet with clients just might catapult me back into the 80's.

So if any of you have suggestions, I am all ears...or um eyes.

BTW...missing my guys oh so much tonight and can't wait to see them tomorrow...there will be some serious snuggle time in the Gadient house.

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