Wednesday, March 14, 2012

She works hard for the money...until she misses her plane...


If you work for an airline, especially as a ticket agent, don't read...even if you don't and feel like telling me I am wrong, go find another blog. I don't want your opinion, my blog, my story.


Yep, it happened...not the first time...nor the last I am sure. Seriously, I work until the absolute last minute when I am traveling and then rush from DC area to the Baltimore airport, gas up & get rid of the mental rental, check in (at the airport mind you) and have said boarding pass in hand...and then...................wait.........................and.....................WAIT.

Yep, I waited until another ticket agent came over to put the luggage tag on my bag and guess what?

"I'm sorry Ms Gadient we can't check your bag as it is beyond the cutoff, we'll need to book you on the next flight." SHIT

Look at watch...I'm sorry...I missed it by maybe 4 minutes you say? Should I remind you I have been standing here for at least 5 or more minutes watching dipshit type on his computer, probably ordering another ascot for his costume, I mean uniform.

"Let's see we can get you on the...7PM flight"

Oh sure no problem, I mean it's 2PM, what's another 5 FREAKING HOURS in the airport.

"You know there is a long line at security so you probably wouldn't make it anyway."

You're probably right, I mean I did just get demoted to Silver status which is about as being privileged as getting to use the 10 item lane at Walmart with *gasp* 13 items. Whatever. Irritated. Moving on.

I get through security in about 2 seconds...a breeze, especially for this ridonc airport...get to my "original" gate and they have just started to board.

Well isn't this just fan-freaking-tastic. So I go up to the gate agent...

"Can I get on this flight, the lady at the baggage counter thought I wouldn't make it but here I am"

"Oh, sorry, no...she already tagged your bag"

Um, how about I could give a shiz about my bag, lose it, I don't care...I just want to go home now, not in 5 LONG ASS HOURS!

"Ok, thank you"

*End Scene*

So here I am at the (who am I kidding)...working...AGAIN, but at least with some vino in hand. Most of the time traveling doesn't bother me (hell I would even hug a TSA) but today not so much and yes there may be a teeny tiny part that was my fault, but we're not talking about that because it's my blog damn it!

Bottoms Up ~

Ps. How awesome...2 posts in a week? Holla!!!

Pss. Don't mind the time stamp, it's wrong...I have no idea what time zone my blog resides in.


Whitney said...

Boo for missing the flight, but YAY for keeping up with the blog! Just got back on track with mine, too :) Looking forward to keeping up with yours and hopefully see you in APRIL!!!! XO

laura said...

This happened to me most recently in Chicago. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Ugh.