Monday, August 18, 2008

I HATE traveling....

...I am currently sitting in said Airport in the MN, waiting for my delayed flight, knowing that I will be missing my connection in Atlanta and that I will have to wait 3 hours once I get there for my next flight....which will not get my into Indy until after midnight.

That is of course if I get there....I believe the agent said something like this...

Agent: You won't make your connection

Me: That sucks. When is the next flight out?

Agent: Much later, I think it is booked.

Me: I need to get to Indianapolis tonight.

Agent: Ok, I will book you on that flight. Would tomorrow work?

Me: Depends, when would I depart/arrive?

Agent: You would not arrive until 6PM tomorrow.

Me: I hate Air Tran, I need a drink.

To be continued...

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