Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Ass Hurts...

...I could really use one of these.
Why, you ask? Well the uber ambitious Mommy in me (this should always be a red flag)...decided to take the munchkins on a bike ride. Yep, me and my out of shape self pulled a trailer with approximately 70 pounds worth of munchies up and down the hills of "Farm Town". ass hurts! So much for the ultra comfort seat I purchased, I prefer my other pain in the ass bike seat over that. I wonder if Erik's Bike Shop will take an impression of my bum and make me a pillow top seat.....a girl can dream right?


Amanda said...

I love your signature and created one of my own - thanks!

Oh and sorry about your ass. Good for you for riding though!

The Mr. said...

She finally wore her helmet. This makes me happy.