Monday, August 18, 2008

Part 2 "Hot-lanta"...

...yep Atlanta is still "Hot-lanta" it's been about a year since I have been here and it is still hot, even inside. I know, I am wimp, I am from the MN and I don't like to be hot. I am sitting in "Paschals La Carrousel" (a pretty fancy name for a chicken joint, BUT they do serve liquor, BONUS) in the Atlanta airport and the following are some musings from my travel thus far today...

Sitting in First Class rocks, ALWAYS! Thank you Miss Flight attendant for the short bread cookies and wine, made the painful delay much better.

Atlanta is a VERY busy airport, there are people everywhere, all the time.

People who sing while serving food=annoying (I know I like to sing at work, but I at least I acknowledge that I suck, this guy thinks he is freakin Marvin Gaye).

Overly blond hair on 20 somethings is not attractive at ALL...even if you are a size zero (seriously go eat a sandwich).

The chicken dinner I ate not bad, but still sucked....should I get Ben & Jerry's ice cream...oi I did already have the!

Why do people take "doggy bags" for their leftovers at the they really think that their food will stay good while they travel to their next destination....ICK!

As annoyed as I am about my travel plans today, I will not turn into the "Super Dink" who is standing next to me at the ticket counter...Sir that behavior will not get you anywhere...guess what it didn't....tee hee.

I still have 2 more hours before my flight and I want to sleep now....bonus I am in First Class again, maybe there will be vino.

Lets hope I make it....

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