Sunday, August 31, 2008


So much for 30 in 30...I swore I posted yesterday, but apparently I didn't (could have been all the vino I downed at the Hanggi/Borek cabin) so trying to make up for it.

Maybe it was that I was distracted by the gorgeous weather at the Lake. What a great day of lounging and chilling....I did have a disappointing Rachel Ray moment last night as I received an awesome recipe for a pork tenderloin (V - from the Fab 5 gave to me) and in making my own rub I used a wee bit too much kosher salt and alas the tenderloin not as great as I had hoped. Major BUMMER! I guess I can cross signing up for Top Chef as one of my "To Do's" this year.

Looks like another fantastic day in the making....I'll let you know tomorrow, till then...

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