Friday, May 9, 2008

Stevie & Ozzy, Pants, & Oscar

Delayed post, I know, but should be good...well how about decent.

Been thinking about hosting a casting call in search of the next member of the "Real Guitar Heroes" band....I mean really there is the possibility that I could have birthed the next Vaughn Brothers, Hansen, or NKOTB! Let's hope for the first, well maybe the next drug free Vaughn Brothers. Check it out for yourself below....Ross definitely into solos, channeling his inner Stevie Ray Vaughn....Jack channeling his inner Ozzy?

Onto next subject, was spreading good will and joy to nurses across the land, because as I am sure you all know it is National Nurse Week (so don't forget to be nice to the nurse that is about to prod you). During my travels I visited many of the nurses who work for me and was fortunate enough to find myself in the freakin ghetto of St Paul, where a woman no shit was standing in her front yard with just a scrub top on. Good god, someone get her a thigh master and someone get me a drink.

Last but not least thought of the day....was talking to my coworker Jerry who went on to tell me that he "cooks" a meal for his freakin dog, Oscar. People, we are talking special ground meat from the butcher, fresh vegtables, and some other crap I can't remember. Really, for a freakin dog? This of course was after I told him that I had gone as far as baking chicken nuggets for my kids AND pouring them a glass of milk....and I wonder why my kids cry when they leave their Grandma & Grandpa's house. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised if I see them hanging out at Pet Smart or the Humane Society looking for a family that might just make them a decent meal.

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