Thursday, May 15, 2008

I ran therefore I hurt.

"Run, Jenny, Run" as Forest Gump might I ran last night and now I hurt. A lot. The End.

What the HELL was I thinking???? I haven't run since someone told me that Dairy Queen was giving away free blizzards and that was only running from my car to the front door. I say it again, what the hell was I thinking?? I am old, my muscles are old, I have old lungs, and if I didn't mention it before I hurt. Me thinking next time on treadmill, take it a little slower as to not totally throw my body out of whack. Has anyone seen my Ben gay????

Called the house last night, the Mr sounds better, apparently Grandma's TLC is working. Talked to the short people of the house. Ross was interested in talking to me only if I had a gift to bring him, but started the conversation with "Are you my Mom?", must find out what the Mr is telling him when I travel. I also got to talk to the smallest of the short people, who had a lot to say but most of it sounded like "Moo Gai Pan" and I think I heard "Egg Roll" somewhere in there too.

Coming home tonight and can't wait....tomorrow is the big day and I am about as giddy as a 5 year old, with the exception of my old body. :)

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