Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 2

So I missed posting on Day 2 because I was at girl's night with members of the "Defunct Cooking Club" and the ever famous "Mrs. Huxtable" (granted she is white and I don't think she has a son named Theo, but she is an Esquire & her husband is a Doctor so it all works). We went to the Chianti Grill and needless to say I did not have a repeat of last Thursday (thank god because my liver is still going through detox). Somehow Carey got out of doing shots that she promised, I believe Mary said that it was a binding contract so she has to do them next time or I am going sue.

In other news I attended my cousin Michael's deployment ceremony, that was depressing. So sad to see all these families being separated, I did however tell him to avoid bringing home a wife if her only purpose was to get a Visa in the US. I think he will appreciate that statement later or not.

Also noteworthy is the newest member to "The Family" aka the Bruneau Bunch arrived last Friday, Matthew John Hendrickson was born to my other Cousin Michael (not Darryl) and his fiance Shanna. He is adorable as all can be and I can't wait to hold him again and no it does not make me want to have another. Below is a picture of the little guy, quite the handsome dude. That's all for now, probably will post later since the Mr hates his picture, I think its funny, but I don't need him posting bad pictures of me (the adolescent years produced some unfortunate pictures of me).

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