Friday, May 23, 2008

If you can't run, bike...Or not!!

Since my body rejected running last week, I decided to take Jack for a bike ride and once again I lost my Mom of the Year crown. The bike ride was going well, until I tried switching gears going up hill and the chain wouldn't catch and....we fell over. Me, bike, and Jack flat on the ground. It was bad...Jack was perfectly fine with the exception of being shook up. He was in a seat on the back of my bike, helmet on and securely buckled in. Me...I didn't fair so well, ROAD RASH on the arm and leg. I know you are all dying to ask, "Did she have her new helmet on???". No. So we continued on with our bike ride and then once I was home it was Neosporin to the rescue and of course my body hurt all over again! Damn it!

Grandma has now left the building..back to the lake. Our house will no longer be as clean as it was when she was here, the laundry will pile up again, the kids won't be as well behaved...why won't she just move in? I mean really, Farmington is nice, it's no house on Mille Lacs with a beautiful view, but we need her!!! We are actually heading up to her house for the long weekend (if she won't move in, we will follow) for some R&R and so the guys can put the dock in.

I am hoping to post some pictures from yesterday as it was Ross's last day of school and they invited the parents to their Track & Field Day as well as an Ice Cream Social. It was so dang CUTE! The hurdles were so small and they were determined to make it over. Although I was a little sad to think he has completed his 1st year of preschool, I just wish I could slow time, even if a little. They definitely grow way too fast.

One last thought, that has perplexed me for I was driving I noticed yet another Motorcyclist riding with their helmet strapped to the back of their bike. What the hell is up with that???? Why have a helmet at all? Why on the back of the bike?? Someone please enlighten me, because frankly it looks freakin ridiculous.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Weekend and I will try and get a post with pictures in over the weekend.

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Dustin said...

LOL! You know Jen that helmet looked pretty damned good not to be wearing. But look at the good side - at least you didn't scratch it all to hell and ruin it :-)