Monday, May 12, 2008

The Helmet Vs The Ring

I am sitting in my hotel room missing my boys and the Mr, watching a little Dancing With the Stars while sipping on Cabernet. Had a great weekend at the lake, the boys definitely got some much needed outside play time. Only bad part was that Jack ended up sleeping with Brian and I on Saturday which meant NO REST for the weary. Literally the kid was up all night long tossing and turning and actually woke up at 4 AM just cause he was ready to play. So needless to say I was quite the tired Mommy on Sunday.

Which brings us to Mother's Day....the weather was great, the guys made breakfast, the boys were well behaved (well as good as a 4 & 1 year old can be), an all round nice day. Now before I go into the rest of my story, I am not angry, mad, unappreciative or anything of the sort. However I would like to let everyone in on my Mother's Day gift, which albeit nice was somewhat different or shall I say different than what I thought might be coming my way. See I had been hinting that I really wanted a set of pearls (necklace, earrings, ring), especially the ring part. I have been swooning over a set of pearls for the last year or so....however the Mr had something else in mind....see picture:

I know many of you women are swooning over the helmet, I mean it is aero dynamic and makes me think I just might look like the sexy Tour De France contender that he thinks I am (wait do they even allow women to compete in that, whatever, anyways). But see I have a helmet already that I thought would still protect my precious melon, but hey a girl can always use a new accessory. So I still have hope that for my BIG 30th birthday this FRIDAY (just in case you are still needing some ideas dear) this might be the icing on the cake.....

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Catherine said...

lol,I am laughing... that helmet.. hahaha