Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday Business

Well I would say I am way overdue for a post but that would be an understatement! So let me recap what has transpired since last Thursday...

Needless to say it took more than a couple days to recover from my "Run" last Wednesday night and I am sure you are all surprised to know I haven't attempted to run since. I was elated to be home Thursday night and see all my guys and was giddy just thinking about my impending birthday (childish yes...but that's me).

So onto the real info...how did the BIG 3-0 go? FANTASTICO!!!!! I woke up Friday morning to a card and jewelry box left on my bedside by the Mr. The card was so sweet and the jewelery box....lets just say he picked up on my hints and THE pearl ring was inside. From there I was greeted in bed by 2 singing Monkeys otherwise known as Ross & Jack. They sang a "perfect" duet of Happy Birthday Mommy. Absolutely priceless! I then sent the boys off to a fun day with Uncle Ben & Aunt Tiffany so that I could enjoy lunch and cocktails on the patio with my Mom and Grandma and then it was off to a day at the Spa.....which by the way was PHENOMENAL!!! I started out with an hour and half long deluxe facial and then finished with an hour long massage. Seriously heaven on earth! After the fantastic day at the spa, my parents hosted a fabulous dinner party and between my folks and my Grandma the food was wonderful! At the end of the day of pampering, good family, good friends, good food, and good WINE (hello like that wouldn't be part of the night) I found myself "pausing" (aka passing out) on my folks couch and was woke up to Jack's sweet voice at 6:30 the next morning. :) A positively perfect way to ring in my 30's.

Part of me feels a little weird that I have now entered my 30's...but if my 30's are even half as good as my 20's I will consider myself pretty damn lucky!

So after all the hoopla of Friday, Saturday brought a low key day of R&R...NOT! Try me maybe slightly hungover watching not only my boys, but my two nieces as well. After a few gallons of water and a trip to Dairy Queen I was on the mend. I actually took the kids on quite the long walk, we decided to walk to Mark & Catherine's new house...apparently the distance didn't seem so far when driving, but walking, Yikes! I figured after the long journey the kids were definitely deserving of a trip to DQ. After that I dropped the girls off and the boys and I went back home to get ready for bed....and by 8:30 Saturday night Ross, Jack and I were sound asleep. Quite the difference from the night before.

Sunday was spent celebrating my cousin Christina's Confirmation and was able to snap some cute pics that I will post below.

To my eager followers (I hope there are some out there) I promise to not take so long to post again, I know how much you enjoy my insanity. :)

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