Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SAHD, Mexico, & Mom of the Year

Apparently Brian's day of working from home today with the kids went about as well as mine on Monday. I think Jack's face says it best...."It's my work day and I'll cry if I want to." I have also found that Brian appears to be in some kind of nesting mode, he has been cleaning the garage all week...I am hoping this continues once he gets in the house.

You may have noticed that Zoro has left the blog or otherwise known as Brian's picture. Like I said he has possession of some unfortunate adolescent pictures of me, including one where I thought an itsy bitsy teenie weenie pink polk a dot bikini was a good idea....and it wasn't.

Was thinking that I can't believe it has already been a month since Brian and I were blissfully buzzed from Mexican cocktails, kid free, and burning our butt white skin in Cancun. We definitely need to do that again and soon.....

Last but not least I had to turn over my crown for being "Mom of the Year" as I got home decided to lay on the couch and take a quick snooze and missed Ross's entire swimming lesson. Good god we have 1 activity to attend a week and I missed it, at least Brian is on the ball, definitely a contender for "Dad of the Year."

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Catherine said...

boo.. i liked zorro ;)