Monday, June 2, 2008

Sick Kids & Little Richard

Our weekend was filled with sick kids, yard work, a bachelorette party and a run in with Little Richard.

Jack and Ross were both hit with some odd, fever/strep that comes on like a freight train. Seriously we were on such a good run with no illness. Argh! Kids=Germs. Good news is both are on the mend and they are getting back to their rambunctious selves. Bad news was we were not able to go see the McNab’s since we didn’t want to chance anything with Miss Alison. All worked out though since she is confined to her “tanning bed” (jaundice and in her bili bed) and L&S needed some rest. Ahh, the joys of a newborn, no rest for the weary! We are planning on heading up on Friday to make some dinner and help out as Lance will attempt to work on Saturday and I will attempt to help Stacy stay sane. BTW stole this picture from my Brother, I just think it captures how freakin adorable Alison is….
The rest of the weekend was spent doing yard work as we are eagerly preparing ourselves for a landscaping over haul. Then Saturday night brought Catherine’s bachelorette party, fun, fun, fun! We met at her house had some cocktails while she opened her “honeymoon paraphernalia”...Mark will be happy. Then it was off to Chino Latino for dinner, Nicole our official Chauffer and party planner drove the crew in my Mini (that’s right we ride in style) and the cocktails continued to ensue….we even ran into Little Richard or at least some guy who looked a lot like him (or maybe it was the “wine goggles” I had on when we saw him….you tell me). It was a great night and I found myself having my first sleepover at Mark & Catherine’s…the futon surprisingly comfortable.

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