Monday, June 2, 2008

New Realm of Parenting....

I entered a new stage in my life as a parent, I was thrown up on by my sweet boy Ross in Home Depot tonight. Yummo! The best part was Brian was off hunting down some tool so I stood there with vomit running down my shoulder and arm while trying to console Ross and make sure Jack didn't jump out of the was beautiful. Oh yeah and trying to flag down some 15 year old clerk to get me some paper towels so no one slipped in the puke and try and clean Ross and myself off. It's not that our kids haven't been sick before, but it was the first time I had "big kid barf" on me.

I think I should get some kind of patch for my "Mom Vest". After Brian returned I made him take his shirt off (he had 2 on, calm down ladies) so I could put it on in the bathroom, we looked like quite the couple when we left. Ross seemed to be better until we turned into the neighborhood and the puke party began all over again. Good thing the smart Mom in me grabbed a couple plastic bags from the Depot. So now we are home, cleaned up the big boy and put him to bed, got the little boy bathed and put to bed...and me feeling pretty proud that I actually made it through something I never thought I could do. I say it again, ahh the joys of parenting.

I did manage to snap a picture of Jack tonight, looking as cute & mischievous as ever.

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