Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Come fly with me...

...lets fly, lets fly away..."

Yep it's that time again, time for me to catch my Monday flight to Indianapolis. Unfortunately my heart was just broken by the Big Boy and makes me wonder why I do this...

Me: I am going to miss you tomorrow, Mommy has to fly to her other office.

Ross: (Choking up w/tears in his eyes) I am going to miss you too Mommy.

Me: What's wrong sweetie, why are you crying?

Ross: Because I miss you when you are gone.

...*cue* my heart breaking...

That about did me in..seriously could my heart strings be tugged at any harder? The good news is moments later I was brought back to "normal" and the boys began to argue over some toy. Pheww...I was about to become a blubbering mess had that not happened. On another note I am not sure, but I think Jack just might have ate a "cherry" from the Hi Ho Cherry-o game...hmmm, wonder if it is hard to pass those?

Anyways, had a great weekend in Duluth visiting J. We stayed on Canal Park and enjoyed walks to Caribou (despite their lack of pumpkin spice lattes), checked out UMD, her dorm room, ate at a few restaurants and just chilled. Although I think Brian and J were the only ones who were not here's hoping they stay well. We did get a chance to see the USS Freedom come into the bay this morning which was very cool (thanks for the heads up Smitty). Check out the link to read more on the ship, pretty interesting.

Other than that I am sending a shout out to Catherine who is heading out on her first business trip tomorrow morning, good luck with the drive!

More tomorrow...

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