Sunday, November 2, 2008


...say what? No it is not a disease and I did not sneeze. It is National Blog Posting Month! So I am going to push myself to feverishly keep up with daily posts to my blog in honor of this monumental month...and I am not referring to the election. :)

Some thoughts of the week since it has been....say it ain't so....a week since I last posted? Bad girl! Ross got over me leaving and my trip went swell with the exception of my flight home where I was faced with not wanting to vomit during the entire flight. Why you ask? Let's just say the dude next to me had some bad ass B.O. going on and that combined with the person eating what smelled like an onion sandwich in front of me about did me in. GROSS.

I also am VERY excited to get my "braces" I use quotes, because they really are not braces per say...not the train track, metal mouth, rubber band, head gearesque kind...they are a new, adult friendly Invisalign "braces", well more like trays. So anyways went in Thursday morning to get my final impressions made and take a few "before" pictures and oh that's right sell my arms and legs to pay for these. But the end result will make Vino Mommy a very happy girl! They say I should have my first couple trays by the end of November and I can't wait!

After all of my dental fun, I headed on over to Ross's school to help out at his "Harvest Party"...basically their Halloween Party, but you know...anyways apparently my ever reality based child was not interested in wearing his costume (the kid is not a fan of make believe, dress up, etc...he apparently see's no point in such foolishness) so there I was with the ONLY child not wearing costume. My first thought is..."great, everyone is going to think I am some nut job parent who won't let my kid participate in Halloween and that is why we have to call it a Harvest Party now"....super. His teacher reassured me that this is not a big deal...ok. The kids had a great time and I was in charge of the golf game (thank god not arts and crafts) and all went well. My favorite though is my conversation with Ross as we left...

Me: Ross do you think you will want to wear your costume (that btw you begged for) on Halloween night?

Ross: Umm...

Me: Phoebe, Simone, Konnor, and Kyle are coming over to go trick or treating with you.

Ross: Yes! I want to wear my Spiderman costume and even my mask!!!

Me: That sounds like fun! (thinking why didn't you want to wear it today????!!!!)

Ross: Mom, it is going to be so fun!

Me: (I don't understand 4 year olds)

So Friday night we had a crew of people over for some trick or treating, chili and vino. The kids had a blast and now we are all in a candy induced coma...

The kids..

Mr Frog...Jack

Pumpkin Princess and Spiderman...Simone and Ross

Bat Girl...Phoebe

Chili Pepper...Kaiden
Alligator and Pirate...Konnor and Kyle

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