Friday, November 21, 2008

"Man, I've gotta get out of this town...

...and out of LA"

That's right I am back! Finally after 5 long grueling days of work and travel I am home. I officially walked through the door at 11:56 last night. The days were filled with learning and debate, the nights with "shop talk" and cocktails, each day making me a little more home sick than the last.

The good news is I have a husband who on the scale of amazing, is truly out of this world. This job, as wonderful and fulfilling as it may be is also taxing and trying on so many emotional levels and he is the one constant who never fails to support me and let me know that he and the boys are behind me 100%. It's funny but there are times when I wish he would just be "that guy", the who gets mad at me for leaving and putting the pressure on him to be the sole parent when I am gone...why I don't know, but he never does and I love him for everything he says and doesn't say.

So I am taking today to be with my guys before Brian heads out to do "manly things" (deer hunting) with is brother and uncle this weekend. I myself plan on snuggling, playing, cuddling and just hanging out with my boys, oh and a little bit of Christmas shopping until my next flight...Monday night.

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