Thursday, October 23, 2008

If misery loves company...

...then come on over. I am S-I-C-K...the runny, raw, red nose, pretty much look like hell, kind of sick. I am trying to will myself to feel better as we have a fun weekend in Duluth planned to visit with J...hopefully I won't end up playing the part of the "party pooper". :(

I will try and muster the energy to post more tomorrow as I had THE MOST FUN EVER at a concert when I attended the NKOTB concert on Tuesday...oh the stories, the screaming, the dancing, the FUN! We had a blast!!!! So much to post about my run in with my teenage heart throbs...but for now a box of Kleenex and bed are calling my name. I will say that the Star Tribune review of the concert pretty much summed the concert up to a T. Enjoy! Aunt Robin doing better and was released from the hospital yesterday. She has quite the recovery process ahead of her, but is very lucky the scenario was not worse. We all learned a great lesson from this experience, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear your helmet. Also thank you to everyone for all your kind thoughts and prayers for her speedy recovery.

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