Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a weekend...

...we experienced highs and lows and everything in between. We started off Friday night with a little pizza and Wii at my folks place...again my kid kicked my butt at bowling and tennis. Ross has definitely got game! :) Hopefully th sweat I built up playing helped counter the calories of the pizza and the vino.

Saturday morning we went to my Aunt and Uncle's studio for some fall family pictures....that was painful...ok maybe not that bad, but Jack was definitely not in the mood for the photo shoot at all. It took a lot of cookies, mini muffins and a promised trip to McDonald's to get him on board with getting his picture taken, but I think it was a success! I can't wait to see our proofs...bonus we brought Brian's guitar and each of the boys guitars for a little "jam" photo session as well.

After pictures I was exhausted and was in much need of a nap and Brian had a little fall cleaning bug he needed to work out. From their we had plans to attend a little bonfire par-tay with the kids.

We were in the middle of BBQing at the party when Brian walked into the house with a look that I hope to not see anytime soon. He said that my Uncle Bob (my Mom's brother) had just called and my Aunt Robin was in a 4 wheeling accident, she was being flown from Walker, MN to North Memorial Hospital and needed us to get there as he was heading down but it would be 3 hours before he could get there.

My heart dropped, knowing that they were flying her down was not a good sign. So with that we gathered the kids as quickly as we could and drove to the hospital. Frantically calling my Mom and Grandma as they are in San Diego and I needed to know if they knew anything. They didn't. I couldn't get a hold of my Dad either, so I called my cousin's to meet me there and called Jo to meet us at the hospital so she could take the boys home. When we arrived at the hospital we were told the helicopter was about 45 minutes out. The waiting was awful and once we heard it land, the wait became even worse. We just wanted to know something, anything about her condition.

Needless to say after what seemed like forever the nurse came out and took her Mom and Sister into a room to talk...that about did me in, all I could think was the worst. Thank god it was far from that, we were told that she suffered a severe head injury as she was not wearing a helmet, however her full body CT showed no permanent damage and things looked "good". We were able to go back in two's to see her in the ER stabilization area, she looked pretty good considering all she had been through. She was lucid but barely, she was intubated as she was having trouble breathing and had a neck brace on as well. Soon after we could see her, my uncle arrived with their kids and they moved her to the ICU for further observation. We stayed till about 1AM and once we knew things were looking "good" (again I use the term loosely) we headed out to get some sleep.

Today she was down graded from the ICU and they took her breathing tube out, she still is pretty out of it and has not been able to eat or get out of bed, but she has been able to move her legs, arms etc... Apparently she has no recollection about the accident or that we were there last night. The doctors and nurses all stated that she will have short term memory issues, but if that is the worse part she is VERY VERY LUCKY and we all are elated that this is the case. At this point we do not know when she is coming home, but hopefully soon.

I am so PROUD of their kiddos for being so brave and level headed enough to remain calm and do the right thing in regards to the accident, at 10 & 12 I am not sure I could have done what they did. We are very fortunate that she is going to be ok and this was a big wake up call to remember how quickly things can happen in life.

For now I am in need of a little less eventful evening with B and the boys...

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