Thursday, September 11, 2008

Me...Emotional, Not Really, But...

...I feel like crying, like not hysterical, just emotional. But why? I am not a crier, I am the person who fills out those email surveys and when the question comes up that asks, "when was the last time you cried?' typical response is, "months maybe...I don't think I have the ability to cry...well at least not very easily anymore." But today, there is just something nagging at me and my thought is still why? My life is great, my husband is great, my kids are great, not pregnant and not that "time of the month" what? As much as 9/11 is such a momentous and tragic day that sparks endless emotions, it's not that either.

Maybe I am overly tired, maybe I miss my guys just that much more this time, who knows. But you ever have one of those days?

...ok, I am back and in a better mood of sorts, I took a break from writing and I just feel better...I know weird.

So back to what is going on in life that is Vino Mommy. We are in full swing of preschool, music class, swimming lessons, soccer, fall ball for Brian, and oh yeah, work and lots of it. I am currently in Indy for my monthly trip and can't wait to get home and love on my guys.

Throughout all this craziness we are still enjoying plenty of fun time and last weekend was our final sail of the season. The weather would not have been considered desirable for most people, but in the world of sailing it was pretty good. Unfortunately the swells were a little rough on Saturday night and Grandma (my Grandma) took a dive while climbing up top and ended up with a minor concussion and a pretty banged up body, not too mention the cut on her eye. So that was not so great, but because she is from the generation where they were built to be invincible, she was a trooper and made the best of the weekend. The boys had a great time as well and Ross is definitely getting into the whole gig of Sailing wanting to help Daddy and Bampa do all the big guy stuff on board.

Here a couple pics from the weekend...

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J said...

I'm sorry you had a tough day, but they come and go. It's funny how it can hit you in waves right?Those pictures are adorable as usual- the one with ross next to jack... ross looks so cool in his sunglasses.