Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello, Ross...This is Al Gore....

...yes, it is true I have a strange feeling that Ross may be having daily chats with Al Gore. Somehow my child has become uber aware of living "green" and hence our conversation begins....

Backdrop, my bathroom, washing face with washcloth, water running...Ross observing this..

Ross: Mom, you shouldn't waste water, don't waste water in any of the bathroom. Not the shower or the sink. There is a lot of water in the sink, it comes from the ocean in a tube and don't waste it.

Me: (Looking up)...Ok, I won't...Where did you learn this?

Ross: Don't waste water Mom. There is lots of water in the ocean.

Me: (Thinking, well why do I care then)...Ok Ross, Mommy won't. But where did you learn this?

Ross: I spanked your butt (running away laughing).

The end.

So there you are another random conversation between a 4 1/2 year old and his Mom....something tells me this may become a weekly blog item.....

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